30 of the Best Free Valentine’s Day Card Printables

We are a month away from Valentine’s Day and that month is going to fly by. It’s going to sneak up on you and before you know it you are going to need Valentines to send in with your child for their class party. Store bought Valentines can be expensive and, if you forget to buy […]

Jan, 20

Buy the Bundle, Get the eBook FREE!

Rewind back to January of 2014 — you likely made plans back then for yourself. You perhaps even took up some new year’s resolutions. You likely vowed to improve and transform yourself… to be in better health, to be in better shape, to live a longer life. Fast-forward back to the present and tell me […]

Dec, 29

Register for a Free List + Video Tour

Getting started with ListPlanIt.com is simple.  You get to try out our mobile lists before you ever give out any payment information.  Here’s how to get started. Click the green Get Started button in the right menu. Enter your information to register for a free account. Cozy up in your account and add a profile […]

Feb, 25

list of free things you can get on your birthday

Who doesn’t love to get something FREE? I recently found a list of different establishments that give the birthday honoree something free. Most places require that you register first, but a few minutes of your time could lead to a pretty cool gift. Take a moment to add your birthday to their list and then […]

Aug, 20

list of waste-free gift ideas for valentine’s day

Ah, Valentine’s Day, with its myriad of cards and cut flowers and individually wrapped chocolates.  Okay, maybe this is not the most romantic or love-ly way to consider Valentine’s Day, but if the idea of another clutter and waste-producing holiday has you wishing you could just skip it all, then maybe it is time to […]

Feb, 07

list of foods you can freeze for longer storage

Have you ever spent days and many hours planning everything you need to prepare for your vacation, and then open the refrigerator the morning you are to leave and “remember” that you forgot to empty it of perishables? Instead of throwing perishable items away or coming home to a fridge full of science experiments, here […]

Jul, 13

list of free local activities and things to do with your family

* This post has been contributed by Annie Young. Do you and your family have any plans this weekend? Want to get out of the house and do something different, but don’t want to break the bank doing it? There are tons of things a family can do locally that are fun and free (three […]

Feb, 24

list of tv-free alternatives for kids and families

Here in Maine, this is Spring Break. Never is the television more on my mind than when my children are home from school and our routines are suddenly wide open and scrambled all at the same time. Monday, I received a great reinforcement of many of my feelings about the TV from Simple Mom; however, […]

Apr, 21

list of candy-free easter basket themes

Most of you probably have dozens, if not dozens and dozens, of those plastic eggs from years past. They can be filled with items other than candy. I am trying to have a candy-free Easter this year. I will probably end up tossing a few jelly beans in their baskets for good measure, but my […]

Apr, 01

list of ways you can have free fun at your local library

Guest Blogger – Christina Poulsen As a stay-at-home mom on a budget, one of my favorite places to go with my daughter during the week is my local library. As I have mentioned before, I live in the country, and I need to drive a good 20-30 minutes to get to the nearest store. The […]

Oct, 01

list of things to do with one free hour

What’s a free hour, right? I never thought it would happen to me, but now that my kids are getting a little older, I find myself with an occasional free hour. So with this list, I will be able to keep from squandering that precious time. Read a magazine. Get a pedicure. Browse slowly through […]

May, 04

14 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to get ready than by crafting! Valentine’s Day Crafts are great to make at home as gifts or with friends at school. Whether your room mom and need to come up with a craft for the Valentine’s Day party […]

Feb, 08

10 Reasons to Be on a Budget

Being on a budget is not always fun, but it is always beneficial. Whether you are a college student who is strapped for money, or a parent trying to teach your children its value, using a budget instills organization into your financial life. Why should you consider using a budget? Here are ten reasons. 1. […]

Feb, 02

How to Manage Your Money

Some people seem to be born with an ability to manage their financial matters effortlessly. Others? It takes a little longer to learn. Although managing money is not everyone’s strong point, there are certain things every person needs to know. The following are some of the basic steps to managing your money that can make that […]

Feb, 01

Surprising Time Management Secrets

As parents, our time is limited. Between shuttling the kids from school to sports practice to play rehearsal and back home, our time is precious. And let’s not forget about the hours we spend away from our families working. But everyone has the same 24 hour day to complete their tasks. Some of us are […]

Jan, 13

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!

Enter to Win 1 of 5 Copies of 100 Days of a New Year! All you need to make this your best holiday season yet! 100 Days of a New Year 2016 eBook is a journey to a more focused, more productive YOU.   Beginning January 1 through April 9, get inspired to set goals and find motivation for making 2016 […]

Dec, 31

100 Days of a New Year 2016 eBook is Now Available!

 A Daily Dose of Inspiration for Navigating a New Year! 100 Days of a New Year 2016 eBook is a journey to a more focused, more productive YOU. Beginning January 1 through April 9, get inspired to set goals and find motivation for making 2016 your best year yet! As a bonus, you get 78 […]

Dec, 26

50+ New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids

Who doesn’t love ringing in the New Year’s? Spending time with friends and family and toasting and wishing for a fabulous new year can be fun and exciting. Especially for the kids! Just because it’s a late night doesn’t mean you have to exclude them. Make it fun for them! I bet you have some fun […]

Dec, 16

Tackle Your To-Do List and Find More Time As a Result

We’ve all heard the saying “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”  But even Jack knew that there was a time for play, and that was after the work was done! When you are faced with a never ending to-do list, you can get overwhelmed and have little desire to get the […]

Nov, 17

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Will Be Gone in a FLASH!

Last March, you may remember when I told you about an amazing collection of resources for anyone whose responsibilities include preparing meals, cleaning up messes, maintaining a home, balancing a budget, &/or planning for holidays and special occasions. Well, guess what. . .It’s back for a 2-day flash sale!   You have just today and […]

Nov, 02

Family ePlanner has been Newly Updated!

Managing a family is like managing a business. It takes a lot of planning and organization for things to run smoothly. Does family life free frazzled? Are you wondering how to get your hands on the instruction manual for such an critical job as raising a family? Family ePlanner will help you give your children, […]

Oct, 05

Complete Healthy Living Library Available for just 6 Days

Don’t you wish you had affordable short-cuts to make healthy living easier? Are you tired of trying to make a Whole Foods lifestyle work on a Trader Joe’s budget? I get it. You want the best for your family. You want to raise healthy kids, have strong immune systems, be more fit and energetic, and […]

Sep, 09

List of Holidays for the 2015 Holiday Season

With back to school behind us, the most beautiful, yet busiest season of the whole year is ahead of us. The next four months will be filled with brainstorming, creating, cooking, eating, visiting, decorating, and celebrating. Take a moment to go to your planner or calendar pages and jot down or circle these important dates.  Go […]

Sep, 03

Overwhelmed? A Special Event with YOU in Mind!

I’m so excited to invite you to a FREE virtual event starting on May 26th.  Sabrina Marasovich of Joyful by Design: A Mom’s Guide to Creating Love, Joy & Harmony in Her Heart & Home will bring you interviews, insights, tools, & TLC from 22 experts- including yours truly! Are you in need of extra support & guidance […]

May, 19

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is Back and Better than Ever!

Are the inmates running the asylum? I hear you. Sometimes it feels like things get so out of hand. When I was a little girl, I dreamed about getting married, becoming a mom, and having my own home. I imagined a home that was more than just 4 walls, a roof, and a mortgage. I […]

Apr, 20


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