End of School Timeline

by Barb Hoyer

Day | Date Activity, Reminder, Event
Monday | May 13 1st Grade - Recycling Animal Due
Tuesday | May 14 Girl Scout Meeting - Fire Station Tour - bring supplies for additional activities
check with parents about early registration signups
Wednesday | May 15 Venturing Meeting
Thursday | May 16 7 - Blogging Event
7 - Brainfest at School (give dh home and school membership card for drawing)
bring in party goods for Kindergarten Q & U Wedding
DS 16 - no school
Decide about Field Day next week
Friday | May 17 Kindergarten Q & U Wedding - bring camera
sign up for summer karate program for DS7 and DD6
Monday | May 20 buy Girl Scout badges for bridging ceremony
buy cards for teachers
write note for First Grade Parents for volunteers for Kindergarten Graduation
Tuesday | May 21 Art Splash Event - bring camera
5 pm - Dr. Cook
Wednesday | May 22 Venturing Meeting
Thursday | May 23 6:30 Dental appt.
Friday | May 24 Kindergarten (9:00) and Elementary (8:20) Field Day - no lunch for DS7 and DS9
bring camera
Monday | May 27 No School
Buy flowers for girl scout meeting
Work on T-Shirts for Letter People Land
Tuesday | May 28 Girl Scout Meeting - finish up badges and plant flowers
Wednesday | May 29 Venturing Meeting
Thursday | May 30 Kindergarten Read Aloud Due
Friday | May 31 Letter People Land - wear t-shirt and drive car, bring camera (no siblings)
Monday | June 3 7:30 Girl Scout Leader Meeting
Tuesday | June 4 Girl Scout Meeting - bridging ceremony - bring camera
Kindergarten Half Day
Wednesday | June 5 10:45 DS5 Yearly Checkup (health form)
Kindergarten Half Day
Thursday | June 6 7:30 - Kindergarten Graduation (give teacher card) bring camera
Kindergarten Half Day
Friday | June 7 9:00 - 1st Friday Mass
Monday | June 10 1st and 3rd Grade Fieldtrip (no siblings) bring camera
Tuesday | June 11 No School
Wednesday | June 12 Noon Dismissal
Thursday | June 13 Noon Dismissal
Friday | June 14 9:15 Prayer Service, 10:00 am Dismissal


Stay tuned for more to come.


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