Move Yourself Checklist


All the steps that you should take to prepare yourself for a do-it-yourself move.

Move Yourself Checklist
Two Months Prior Six Weeks Prior One Month Prior
 ___ Compare truck rental companies ___ Make household inventory ___ Create file for moving paperwork ___ Transfer medical/school records ___ Make a floorplan of new home ___ Reserve rental truck  ___ Arrange for change-ofaddress ___ Make storage arrangements ___ Clean out closets and drawers ___ Use up food and cleaning supplies ___ Start planning Moving Sale ___ Start collecting boxes, tape, materials  ___ Schedule disconnection of utilities ___ Make arrangements for pets/plants ___ Be sure you are insured for move ___ Make travel plans for move ___ Collect important records ___ Schedule connection of utilities ___ Begin to pack things you don’t need
Three Weeks Prior Two Weeks Prior One Week Prior
___ Arrange for moving day childcare ___ Hold your Moving Sale ___ Get car serviced for trip ___ Dispose of all flammables  ___ Return library books ___ Cancel newspaper delivery ___ Send out change-ofaddress cards ___ Prepare a travel kit ___ Immunize pets for trip  ___ Transfer bank accounts ___ Empty Safety Deposit Box ___ Start wrapping breakables ___ Drain power equipment/hoses ___ Empty refrigerator/freezer ___ Dismantle beds/furniture ___ Pack everything into boxes
Last Minute Details Packing for Travel Notes
___ Pack the car ___ Note all utility meter readings ___ Have cash for trip ___ Check closets, cabinets, and storage for any overloaded items ___ Pack phone last ___ Be sure water, furnace, air conditioner, and lights are off  ___ Checkbook/Credit Cards ___Address Book ___ Driver’s License/ID ___ Flashlight ___ Tools ___ Materials for meals on the road/Cups ___ Towels/Blankets ___ First Aid Kit ___ Games/Books/Activities for kids  


So you can get your list on.

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