Room by Room Purge

Home Management

Time to declutter. Make notes about what needs to be thrown away, given away, or sold in a yard sale.

Room by Room Purge
Kitchen Pantry Dining Room
 • Old/unused appliances • Broken/unused dishes • Old/unused cookbooks  • Outdated cans/boxes/jars • Opened/stale snacks • Nearly empty containers  • Stained linens • Broken art/craft supplies • “Art”
Living Room Den Office
• Outdated photos/wall hangings • Unused furniture • Old, unappreciated collectibles • Outgrown toys • Unused music/movies • Instrument/game equipment • Unnecessary papers, bills, statements, books • Broken pens/pencils • Old files from filing cabinet
Bedrooms Bathrooms Closets
• Outgrown/unused clothing & shoes • Broken/unused toys • Clutter under the bed • Expired medicines • Old, ratty linens • Clutter under the sink • Unused jackets/coats • Unused shoes • Torn/broken bags/luggage
Basement/Attic Storage Areas Garage/Shed
• Junk • Outdated/outgrown clothing • Gifts/”heirlooms” that you don’t want • College textbooks • Unused holiday décor • Old magazines • Old cans • Broken tools • Junk


So you can get your list on.

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