get motivated to start a hobby or interest club

hobbyAs human beings, we crave society with people who share common goals or interests.  There is no need to be lonely when there are so many people in the world.  One way to beat boredom and isolation is to start a club.

First, you must decide what hobby or interest you would like to share with others.  You might like to read and discuss novels – consider a book club.  You might like to fly an airplane or ride motorcycles – consider a club for fellow pilots or cyclists.  Maybe you love to discover new recipes or foods for your family – how about a recipe or dinner club.

Decide before your first meeting if you want to immediately establish ground rules, or if you would rather come up with the format as a cohesive group.  How often will you meet?  Will there be dues?  Will you elect officers?  Where will each meeting be held?

The next step you must take is to create a card or a flyer with contact information or a date for the first meeting and visit places you think other like-minded people will tend to go.  If it is a running club you want to establish, then post information on the telephone posts at the park or at the gym.  If you want to network with other small business owners, then visit some of the local independent shops with your plan for creating a network.

You won’t get a club started by sitting around wishing there was one for you.  Take action!  Don’t be afraid!  There are others just waiting for you to start a moms club or a chess club or a wine club.

Jennifer Tankersley is the creator of ListPlanIt where you can find over 400 lists, checklists, and planning pages to help you put your world in order and organize your life.  She has also been a member of 3 chapters of the MOMS Club and founder and president of her local chapter in Maine.


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