Family Meal Planning Tips

Do you find that you are making the same meals over and over again? Yeah, me too. It seems like I get in a rut and just rely on the same recipes each week. And that can get pretty boring.

To shake up our meal time routine, I gathered the family together and got them involved. Not only does everyone get a say in the weekly meal planning, but it also takes the pressure off me! After all, the biggest hurdle when it comes to cooking dinner is figuring out what to make!

First, I pulled out a notebook and started writing down meal ideas. Don’t forget the side dishes! I wrote down the meals I like to eat and, more importantly, enjoy cooking!

Then, it was time for the family’s input. I asked each member of my family their favorite dinner and sides. Surprisingly, a few meal ideas came up that we hadn’t had in a while! Before I knew it, my notebook was full of meal ideas.

Now, I just have to go down the list and pick out  7 for the week and make my grocery list. As I make these recipes during the week, I make notes such as if everyone liked the meal or if it was difficult to prepare. This helps me in the long run and eliminates dinners that may get wasted.

Using this method eliminates the dread of cooking every night! I am no longer making daily trips to the grocery store and I am making dinner almost every night!

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Stephanie Glover:

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