“The lists are great and I think that they will have a great impact on my family.” – Christa
“I just wanted to let you know that your site (listplanit) has saved my life (well home life). I use it every week for my planner and calenders as well as checkbook registry — thank you so much.” – Kindy
“I love this site! Thanks for making my home ‘fun’ctional!” – Stacey
“I love the new A through Z option, a great way to start a contact book. And still have the option of replacing or adding to one letter at a time as well, Great lists!” – Tricia
“I love this website so much!! You did a fantastic job and included every list I can think of…and some I wouldn’t have.” – Angela
“I love these lists! I definitely think this will help me get more organized. Thank you!” – Gina
“The lists help me to spend the time on the things I want to, and save me many a last minute trip for forgotten items. Keep up the good work.” – Heather
“I appreciate your thorough Camper/RV packing list. I can easily print a new list each time we go. I’ll always have a list available.” – Nancy
“Go ahead and keep my account current please. You guys have such handy lists.” – Taky
“I am so excited to start having all the tools in front of me that I need to become a better more organized me! Thank you! This is just what I was looking for. For someone like me who strives to become more organized with all the struggles of family and a successful business women, I have looked everywhere to find a bible to purge my life into. It has never worked but with all your lists I can put together a family business bible!! Where everyone will go to see who’s doing what and what we need from where!! Keep organizing people 1 person at a time!! — Taylor-Paige
“By the way, I love the memories pages on your website. I’m one of those scrapbook wannabes that really won’t have the time to scrapbook until my kids are both in school 5 years from now. I just keep the page handy to jot down little memories and I can put one together years down the road without losing the moments that go with all the pictures I take. — Christina
“Just wanted to say I love your website! It’s brilliant. I love the toddler responsibility list – it will be fun for my daughter to keep track of her chores. I can’t wait to look through everything and see what else you come up with! I will definintely recommend you to my friends. thank you! — Jessica
“Subscription was quick and easy. I have already loaded all of the available lists onto my flashdrive and sorted them into folders. . .I am hoping that armed with my lists and the newsletter things are going to start falling into place for me. Consistency is an issue in my life…always has been so hopefully I can make LONG TERM changes for the better! The site so far has been a great experience and price to value I give it a 5 out of 5 stars rating!!! — Stacey
“I just signed in with my password and looked around and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I will have to get to Staples and get some more paper (I was running low anyhow) and some binders….. OOOOHHHHH I feel some major organization coming on! I liked the meal planning pages, the babysitter lists, the cleaning schedule!, the kids charts and lists, the book journal/list, the wine log and GOSH! I could go on and on! I really think both for business and personal this could REALLY help organize and make me more efficient! I love binders and lists but in all reality I never get around to making them all! I have even bought binders, blank calendars and tabs to make my own daytimers as I can never find the right combo of what I need in them at the stores…this will REALLY help that! BUT I will NOT be doing the shoe inventory….LOL ….I don’t want hubby to know how many black pairs of shoes I have! — Jill
“I love this website so much!! You did a fantastic job and included every list I can think of…and some I wouldn’t have. — Angela


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