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list of 20 new ways to say “i love you”

Sure, you tell your loved ones you love them all the time.  How about changing it up this Valentine’s Day and say “I Love You” with a more multicultural flare? Let them know you love them and build their cultural awareness at the same time.  Click the links below to be taken to Google Translator and click Listen to hear the phrase.

I Love You in Sign Language

How do you tell your loved ones that you love them on Valentine’s Day?

Jennifer Tankersley :

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  • My children have been begging for me to do something extra special for them for Valentine's Day. They want a handmade valentine from me, pancakes dyed red, and dinner on our "heart-shaped" plates. These language ideas are so cute. I think I'll write "I love you" in a different language on a variety of hearts and tape them up all over the walls. Thanks for the tips!

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