Chart your Child’s Accomplishments with a Chore Chart

It can be very frustrating to ask your child over and over again to complete their chores without them ever getting done. Sometimes, it is simply because they don’t know how to organize or prioritize their time. But you can help your child develop these important skills by implementing a chore chart. Some chores might […]

Sep, 12

Keeping Your Busy Family on Schedule

For most families, back to school time is when their family schedule gets chaotic. Between school functions, sports, and family obligations, there are a lot of things you have to try and fit on the schedule. Sometimes you may even wonder wow you will manage to keep it all straight. Having a set schedule is […]

Aug, 24

Family Camping Fun

While getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is one of the reasons families choose to go camping, for kids – it’s the ultimate adventure. If you are planning a family camping trip this summer, here are some tips that will ensure your vacation is both a safe and fun experience. Family […]

Jul, 13

8 Family Activities You Can Do This Summer

School is over and summer break has started! It’s time for families to spend quality time together. Even if your family can’t take an extended trip together, there are still many activities you can enjoy. Discuss these ideas when you start making plans for your summer break. 8 Family Activities You Can Do This Summer […]

Jun, 14

Family ePlanner has been Newly Updated!

Managing a family is like managing a business. It takes a lot of planning and organization for things to run smoothly. Does family life free frazzled? Are you wondering how to get your hands on the instruction manual for such an critical job as raising a family? Family ePlanner will help you give your children, […]

Oct, 05

List of the Day: Daily Routine

We spotlight and make one of ListPlanIt‘s printable lists available to everyone. Each day, you can look forward to being introduced to a new list that just might rock your world! ListPlanIt has a plethora of checklists, worksheets, schedules, inventories, and to do lists that are just waiting to be discovered. Please do your friends […]

Jun, 03

List of the Day: Responsibility List for GradeSchoolers

We  spotlight and make one of ListPlanIt‘s printable lists available to everyone everyday for one day only.  Each day, you can look forward to being introduced to a new list that just might rock your world!  ListPlanIt has a plethora of checklists, worksheets, schedules, inventories, and to do lists that are just waiting to be […]

Apr, 07

List Spotlight: Planning Retreat

One of my favorite tips for getting organized is to take a little weekly planning retreat.  By retreat, I don’t mean locking yourself away in a hotel room one night a week.  I’m suggesting that you make an appointment with yourself for your weekly planning retreat.  Put it on your calendar and announce it to […]

Apr, 08

Resources for your Weekly Planning Retreat

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the idea of taking a weekly planning retreat.  I love the idea because by setting an appointment with yourself and making planning a priority, you are giving home and family management its due diligence.  There is a lot of work to managing at home.  It can be […]

Apr, 07

List Spotlight: Unplugged Activities

Have you thought about unplugging your family for the National Day of Unplugging this Friday, March 7 at sundown to sundown, March 8?  Giving some thought to the ways that your family might fill the time that might otherwise be filled with technology is a good idea.  You’ll have a greater rate of success at […]

Mar, 04

Unplug for the National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging is a “digital detox” and designed to encourage individuals and families to look up from their screens, give their fingers a break, and connect with hobbies and people IRL (in real life).   Beginning at sundown on Friday, March 7 and ending at sundown on Saturday, March 8, the National […]

Mar, 03

100 Ways to Occupy Kids this Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year for children and adults alike due to cold weather and shortened daylight. However, there are plenty of ways to be active and stay warm, whether indoors or outdoors. Children love it when parents take the time to play with them, but there are plenty of ways for […]

Jan, 27

Baby Necessities Checklists

As the birth of your new bundle of joy draws near, it is important to be prepared. Having a checklist of the baby essentials will help give you focus. These lists should be made before the baby is born so that you will be as ready as possible for your newborn baby. ListPlanIt has the […]

Jan, 15

Getting Back into the Schoolyear Groove

At the end of the summer most parents are exhausted. For stay-at-home parents, school provides a break or a daily distraction.  For parents that work outside of the home, there is peace of mind in knowing that the children are being cared for in a learning environment.  Now that school is starting up again, it […]

Aug, 13

list of donations that are most critical to local food banks

With the holidays approaching, it is time to start considering ways to donate to your community’s food bank.  Most food banks rely heavily on the contributions that come in during the holiday season.  Local food banks are gearing up now to replenish their shelves and lend a helping hand to individuals and families that are […]

Aug, 12

5 Tips for Back to School Success

The supermarket store aisles are bursting with back to school items, clothing stores are advertising back to school sales, county fair schedules are coming out. That could only mean one thing: Back to School time has arrived! With this time of year comes stress, for both parents and children. Kids are not sure what to […]

Aug, 05

Great Books to Read Aloud as a Family

I heard a quote once when I was in college by Emilie Buchwald that said “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”. It has stuck with me through the years, and when my oldest daughter was born I promised myself we would read together every day. We have continued this tradition over […]

Aug, 02

Summer Chore List Ideas for Kids

A child’s primary job is to learn, but in the summertime, usually lacking a structured classroom setting, a child is often available to learn and perform responsibilities within the home and family.  Summer is a great opportunity to establish new routines, train children in various life skills, and keep summer idleness at bay. Here are […]

Jul, 16

Lists for Preparing for Summer Camp

Whether your chid is participating in a day camp or an overnight camp this summer, there is a lot of preparation and organization that goes into sending them off into the care of counselors and camp leaders.  Summer camp is an opportunity for a child to learn, make friends, and experience the confidence that comes […]

Jun, 05

Favorite Lists for the Summertime

Summertime is around the corner.  Whether you dread the unstructured, free-time of the upcoming summer or find that you just can’t wait, it is important to begin to plan now in order to maximize the 100 days of summertime. ListPlanIt has all the lists you could possibly need to inspire and prepare you for the busy-ness […]

May, 22

Ways to Celebrate your Anniversary

Tomorrow is my anniversary!  Nineteen years ago, two kids stood in front of their friends and family and promised to love each other forever.  The road has had plenty of twists and turns, but we’ve had so many adventures and I wouldn’t want to be on this lifelong journey with anyone else. There are so […]

May, 06

List of Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with your Family

Today, April 22, is Earth Day!  Whether or not the sun is shining today in your neck of the woods, it is a beautiful day to pay tribute to our planet.  If Earth Day has snuck up on you this year, never fear.  Below, you’ll find links to lots of ways that you can celebrate […]

Apr, 22

list of ideas for a soothing post-dinner, pre-bedtime evening routine

While most children try and fight sleep tooth and nail, the fact of the matter is that school-aged children (especially the younger ones) need between 10-12 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly. Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to behavioral problems and can severely impact attention and memory, which are […]

Sep, 24

list of ways to stay healthy in the approaching flu season

As fall approaches we head into shorter days, cooler nights and of course flu season. There are simple steps you can take to help protect yourself and your family. Preventative measures. One of the best things you can do is get a flu shot. Last year only 43 percent of Americans received a flu shot. […]

Sep, 19

list of movie suggestions for your next family movie night

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of a family movie night in my house (see post here).   My husband and I have seen a lot of movies, and many of them we can’t wait to share with our children.  Some are action/adventure.  Some are comedies.  Some have historical significance.  And some are just plain […]

Sep, 12


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