List Spotlight: Planning Retreat

One of my favorite tips for getting organized is to take a little weekly planning retreat.  By retreat, I don’t mean locking yourself away in a hotel room one night a week.  I’m suggesting that you make an appointment with yourself for your weekly planning retreat.  Put it on your calendar and announce it to your family.  Decide on a day and time that would be possible to retreat to your bedroom, backyard, coffee shop, or friend’s house to settle in with your planner and favorite lists.  Use that time to list all of your upcoming To Dos, holiday/occasion preparations, meal plan, and budgetary requirements.  Plan your strategy and attack.  Avoid Facebook and YouTube during that time to get the maximum benefit of having time alone to concentrate.

ListPlanIt‘s Planning Retreat can be found in Time Management. Discover lots of resources for your weekly planning retreat available to members.  Join today and get your first 30 days free!

List Spotlight: Planning Retreat |

Click image to view a sample Planning Retreat list.

When do you plan for the upcoming week?  Do you take a planning retreat?  Tell us in the comments below!

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