Baby Steps to Getting Organized

The truth is, you can possibly skyrocket your productivity at least 100% by simply organizing your belongings around your home and office. Here are some tools to help you when first embarking on your goal to organize your life. Baby Steps to Getting Organized Formulate a plan. There is nothing that is more potent to […]

Jan, 30

Keeping Your Busy Family on Schedule

For most families, back to school time is when their family schedule gets chaotic. Between school functions, sports, and family obligations, there are a lot of things you have to try and fit on the schedule. Sometimes you may even wonder wow you will manage to keep it all straight. Having a set schedule is […]

Aug, 24

How Good Is Your Time Management?

Do you think you have good time management skills? Or do you have this never-ending feeling that there are never enough hours in the day? Figure out how effective your time management skills are and where they could use some work. Here are 15 ways you know you are good at managing your time. 15 […]

Jan, 18

Surprising Time Management Secrets

As parents, our time is limited. Between shuttling the kids from school to sports practice to play rehearsal and back home, our time is precious. And let’s not forget about the hours we spend away from our families working. But everyone has the same 24 hour day to complete their tasks. Some of us are […]

Jan, 13

Five Ways to Kick-Start Your Day

Waking up can be hard to do. Maybe you had a rough night, or just didn’t get to bed on time and could have used more sleep. Maybe you just aren’t a morning person. When the morning arrives and you feel like you would rather hibernate then get out of bed, here are some ways […]

Jan, 11

2016 Holidays At-A-Glance

It’s never too early to start planning ahead to the New Year. One of the easiest ways to prepare yourself is to get familiar with the holidays. Not only will you know when they are but you will be able to get planning on any fun celebrations for your family. January New Year’s Day (Friday, […]

Dec, 08

Tackle Your To-Do List and Find More Time As a Result

We’ve all heard the saying “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”  But even Jack knew that there was a time for play, and that was after the work was done! When you are faced with a never ending to-do list, you can get overwhelmed and have little desire to get the […]

Nov, 17

Holidays & Events to Add to your Summer Planner

If you caught a previous post on preparing for summer vacation, then you know there is a lot to do to get ready for summertime. Although our school doesn’t let out for summer until June 19, I have already begun to plot our busy summer schedule on my family’s Summer Planner (see Student Planning).  As my children get […]

Apr, 30

List of the Day: Timeline

We  spotlight and make one of ListPlanIt‘s printable lists available to everyone everyday for one day only.  Each day, you can look forward to being introduced to a new list that just might rock your world!  ListPlanIt has a plethora of checklists, worksheets, schedules, inventories, and to do lists that are just waiting to be […]

Apr, 03

Spring 2016 Holidays, Events, & To Dos

The official first day of spring in 2016 is Sunday, March 20.  That is just a few days away.  Are you ready?  Winter is a time of hibernation, indoors where it is warm and dry.  Spring begins the season(s) of activity.  It is also a season that includes some major holidays, big life events, and […]

Mar, 12

Things to Do Now to Get Organized for March

In like a lion. . .March begins this Sunday.  The perfect day to welcome the month in which spring becomes the official season.  March is deceptively steady. The desire to begin to purge the old to prepare for the new grows strong this month.  While January is about starting a new and fresh year, March […]

Feb, 26

List Spotlight: Monthly To Do List

As a new month rolls around, it is important to look ahead and to prepare for the month ahead.  There may already be several appointments, events, or special occasions that have been noted on your calendar.  These often require some type of advanced planning.  Know of a birthday coming up?  You might need to add […]

Sep, 30

Top 10 Things to Do in October

October is fall, start to finish.  It means colorful leaves, warm drinks, and getting cozy.  There are many things that I love to do during the month of October (which begins tomorrow) and I try to prioritize those so that I don’t miss out on a memorable experience for myself or for my family.  And […]

Sep, 29

CHASE your Monday To Do List

For many people, Monday is a great day to CHASE your to do list.  After the down time or chaos or yard work of the weekend, Monday is a chance to take a good look at the things that need to be done for the week and to get them done.  Have you created a […]

Sep, 08

List Spotlight: Planning Retreat

One of my favorite tips for getting organized is to take a little weekly planning retreat.  By retreat, I don’t mean locking yourself away in a hotel room one night a week.  I’m suggesting that you make an appointment with yourself for your weekly planning retreat.  Put it on your calendar and announce it to […]

Apr, 08

Resources for your Weekly Planning Retreat

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the idea of taking a weekly planning retreat.  I love the idea because by setting an appointment with yourself and making planning a priority, you are giving home and family management its due diligence.  There is a lot of work to managing at home.  It can be […]

Apr, 07

The Month Ahead: April 2014

As each good planner has a place for a monthly calendar, weekly, and often daily planning pages, ListPlanIt would like to provide you with the pages you need to create your own planner.  All you need is a binder, a hole punch, and pages from‘s Time Management section.  You can create and customize your […]

Mar, 27

the month ahead: march 2014

As each good planner has a place for a monthly calendar, weekly, and often daily planning pages, ListPlanIt has all the pages you need to create either a digital planner or a paper planner.  For a hardcopy version, all you need is a binder (I prefer Mead’s Notebinder or Staples’ arc system for their flexibility), a […]

Feb, 27

List Spotlight: Weekend To Do List

Not only is this Friday Valentine’s Day, but Monday is President’s Day.  For many people, that may mean a long weekend to spend doing extra projects or spending time with family.  Make the most of the weekend with ListPlanIt‘s Weekend To Do List where you can list your to dos or even list your goals […]

Feb, 12

List Spotlight: Winter To Do List

Each season brings it’s unique set of tasks and to dos.  Keeping track of what you do this season will help you assess your priorities in the seasons to come, including next winter. Members to ListPlanIt will find a Winter To Do List (plus spring, summer, and fall) in Time Management to record your winter […]

Jan, 28

The New Year Doesn’t Have to Begin in January, part 2

Why are goals and resolutions important? We get what we focus on. If we know where we are trying to get, most of the time, we get there! Too often, we just roll into the next year without thinking about what we want to change or how to be different in our lives. We just […]

Jan, 14

The New Year Doesn’t Have to Begin in January, part 1

The First 30 Days of the New Year don’t have to be about taking action or making things happen on a crazy schedule.  You can start fresh anytime of the year. The following are tips for starting YOUR year off in the right way. Take steps to feel alive again, look at life differently and […]

Jan, 13

Making Daily, Weekly, Monthly Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, we hear people talk about leaving the “old beyond” and starting “anew”. Often this involves making resolutions to lose weight, save money, reach career goals or improve a relationship. Unfortunately, by February, the gym that had been packed a few weeks previously is now empty. Habits creep in and […]

Jan, 07

List Spotlight: 10-Minute Checklist

This is a new feature here on the blog to spotlight the many uses of the lists to which members of ListPlanIt have access.  However, you don’t have to be a member of ListPlanIt to check out the list and even to view my own version of the list.  You might just find some inspiration […]

Oct, 01

The Month Ahead: October 2013

As each good planner has a place for a monthly calendar, weekly, and often daily planning pages, ListPlanIt has the pages you need to create your own planner.  All you need is a binder (I love Mead’s Notebinder for its flexibility and Staples arc system for its ease of customization), a hole punch, and pages from […]

Sep, 30


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