Keeping Your Busy Family on Schedule

For most families, back to school time is when their family schedule gets chaotic. Between school functions, sports, and family obligations, there are a lot of things you have to try and fit on the schedule. Sometimes you may even wonder wow you will manage to keep it all straight. Having a set schedule is […]

Aug, 24

First Day of School Traditions

Summer has really flown by! It seems like we just celebrated the last day of school. While I know the kids and I are craving the routine that school brings, we are a little sad to see summer come to an end. But I am busy planning our first day of school. We have some […]

Aug, 23

Getting Organized for Back to School

While most parents may be looking forward to their kids heading back to school, what we are dreading the most is all the paper and things that will start coming home. In the weeks leading up to the first day of school, you may want to take the extra time and get things organized! From […]

Aug, 22

Back to School Morning Routine Hacks

One of the things that I enjoy the most about summer is the lazy morning. But in a few weeks that will all come to an end. Soon the morning rush will return where we are trying to find backpacks and matching socks. Who has time to deal with that, and even more, who wants […]

Aug, 09

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Back to school means back to school lunch as well.  What are your kids going to eat? Packing a lunch allows you to have more control over what your kids eat.  You can pack the foods you know they like.  You can still send money to buy milk or juice, or provide the drinks as well. […]

Aug, 03

How to Save Money on Back to School Clothes

Back to school shopping can get very pricey, especially when it comes to buying new clothes. There’s more to saving money on back to school clothing than just shopping the sales, though. If you really want to save money on back to school clothing, then you’ll want to follow these steps. How to Save Money […]

Aug, 02

Last Day of School Traditions

In just a few short days or weeks, the final bell will ring on the school year! As much as the kids are counting down the days, so am I. I am starting to prepare for the end of the school and planning our summer fun. And the best way to kick that off is with […]

May, 23

Student ePlanner is Newly Updated!

Another member of ListPlanIt‘s interactive ePlanners has been updated with a fresh look and new pages! So far, Finance ePlanner, Home ePlanner, and Homemaking ePlanner, Travel ePlanner, and Birthday ePlanner have all gotten makeovers.  Now, it’s time to study up with ListPlanIt‘s Student ePlanner. Being a student can take as much organization and planning as running an organization, both for the students […]

Aug, 10

Holidays & Events to Add to your Summer Planner

If you caught a previous post on preparing for summer vacation, then you know there is a lot to do to get ready for summertime. Although our school doesn’t let out for summer until June 19, I have already begun to plot our busy summer schedule on my family’s Summer Planner (see Student Planning).  As my children get […]

Apr, 30

List Spotlight: Spring Break Plan

Whether your spring break is in March or in April, it is coming soon! Make the most of the time off from school with a plan. Brainstorm activities, projects, trips, etc. Plot them on your calendar or on ListPlanIt‘s Spring Break Plan lists found in Student Planning. Click images below to see lists up close. […]

Feb, 26

Getting Back into the Schoolyear Groove

At the end of the summer most parents are exhausted. For stay-at-home parents, school provides a break or a daily distraction.  For parents that work outside of the home, there is peace of mind in knowing that the children are being cared for in a learning environment.  Now that school is starting up again, it […]

Aug, 13

5 Tips for Back to School Success

The supermarket store aisles are bursting with back to school items, clothing stores are advertising back to school sales, county fair schedules are coming out. That could only mean one thing: Back to School time has arrived! With this time of year comes stress, for both parents and children. Kids are not sure what to […]

Aug, 05

Lists for Preparing for Back to School

Once August hits, our thoughts start turning toward preparing for children to go back to school.  This is a busy time of year.  There is a lot of hustle and bustle to get things done before the end of the summer so that your child is ready and willing to learn.  To get the most […]

Aug, 01

Best Brands for Back to School

It’s almost time for the kids to be heading back to school again and you know what that means. . .back to school shopping! You do it every year, and every year you vow to plan better. Many moms head to the store, with supply list in hand, and wonder which calculator is best or […]

Jul, 24

Lists for Preparing for Summer Camp

Whether your chid is participating in a day camp or an overnight camp this summer, there is a lot of preparation and organization that goes into sending them off into the care of counselors and camp leaders.  Summer camp is an opportunity for a child to learn, make friends, and experience the confidence that comes […]

Jun, 05

Ways to Prepare Now for the Upcoming Summer Vacation

After Christmas break, the school year rolls along and everyone seems to find their auto-pilot. The routine becomes, well. . .routine. Then spring begins to wake us up to the concept of the upcoming summer, and the next thing we know, school is over. It all happens so fast and whether or not we feel […]

Apr, 16

List of Books about Graduation

Do you have a child, family member or friend ready to graduate and move on to the next stage of their educational journey? Maybe an older sibling’s graduation is a confusing or scary concept for young children. Here are some great titles to give as gifts or to use as a resource during this time […]

Apr, 04

Lists to Make Graduation Day a Success

It is difficult to remember all of the things that need to happen before a big event.  There are quite a few steps that will help you prepare for graduation day: make the guest list, buy invitations, plan and prepare the food, secure the location, hang the decorations, and make memories.  Making a master to do […]

Apr, 03

Planning Inspiration for a Memorable Graduation Day

Yesterday, we laid out a timeline in steps to preparing for graduation day.  Today, I hope to inspire you to take the steps necessary to dive in to planning for a graduation day to remember.  There are several areas to begin to consider now that will help make the day less stressful, more joyful.  Check […]

Apr, 02

Steps to Help You Prepare for Graduation Day

Graduation day is a major milestone for anyone who has ever studied their way through high school or college.  It is a day that is to be celebrated as both an achievement and as a stepping stone to the next level.  Preparing for the ceremony and events that surround graduation day takes some forethought and […]

Apr, 01

Steps to Take after Acceptance to College

This week we are talking about planning for college.  Yesterday, we focused on the steps to prepare your child for entrance to college.  Today, we’ll congratulate your child on acceptance to the college of his/her choice and figure out where you’ll go from there.  Though the relief at getting an acceptance letter may be tempting […]

Mar, 27

Steps to Prepare your Child for Entrance to College

Yesterday, we started a series about planning for college.  Today we go more in depth as we discuss preparing for the first stage of sending your child to college.  Education is a key factor to finding a career that makes a person happiest in life.  Whether money, expertise, or compassion are the driving force, a […]

Mar, 26

Planning Ahead for a Smooth College Transition

Going to college often means leaving the nest.  Kids get their first chance at limited independence from the rules and routine of home.  This is a big transition period, not only for the college-bound, but also for the parents.  There is an enormous amount of planning that goes into the process of college entrance (exams, […]

Mar, 25

Planning for End-of-Schoolyear Tasks, Activities, and Events

The end of the school year is fraught with activity. Keeping track of your family’s responsibilities and requirements can be a full-time job.  Record dates and times on your family calendar as soon as possible.  Be diligent to fill out permission slips and volunteer forms as soon as they land in front of you.  Keep […]

Mar, 21

Planning the Perfect High School Grad Party

The perfect ending to high school life would be a successful graduation party. A high school graduation party represents 12 years of hard work and should be celebrated as such. Graduation may be months away still, but it’s never to early to start planning. It represents the time to get together with family and friends […]

Mar, 19


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