Planning Ahead for a Smooth College Transition

Going to college often means leaving the nest.  Kids get their first chance at limited independence from the rules and routine of home.  This is a big transition period, not only for the college-bound, but also for the parents.  There is an enormous amount of planning that goes into the process of college entrance (exams, applications), college acceptance (choosing a major, choosing housing), and college preparation (buying supplies, moving).  It is never too soon to begin to plan for your child’s education, but if you have a child in high school, it is time to begin in earnest in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Planning for Sending your Kids off to College |

Here are some areas in which you and your child will need to focus in order to get things done in a timely manner.  We’ll be looking at each area more deeply this week.  There will be new lists, checklists, and worksheets to help guide and motivate you toward a successful college transition.

  • Entrance
    •  Taking exams:  SAT preparation, test-taking skills, essays
    •  Choosing a college:  college visits, programs and courses, costs
    •  Filling out applications:  deadlines, essays, letters of recommendation
  • Acceptance
    •  Finding the money:  financial aid, scholarships, grants, work/study
    •  Choosing a major:  interests, strengths, jobs available
    •  Choosing housing:  on campus, off campus, roommates
  • Preparation
    •  Buying supplies:  textbooks, computer, dorm/apartment necessities
    •  Packing:  luggage, boxes, packing list
    •  Moving:  moving date, flights, moving truck

Do you have a child on his/her way to college next year?  Where are you in your preparations?  Help this community by imparting your experiences in the comments below.

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