Breaking the Debt Cycle

Hundreds, thousands, even millions of individuals are in debt these days. If you are in debt, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. While that may not be an answer to your debt problem, it is comforting to know that you are not out there alone in your debt […]

Mar, 03

Every Cent Counts

Pocket change can seem like more of a nuisance than something of value, but you may be amazed at how quickly it can add up and become of great use. By saving your change throughout all your daily transactions, you can begin building a pile of cash that can go a long way. Those individuals […]

Mar, 01

Personal Budget Mistakes Most People Make

Do you cringe when you hear the word budget? You’re not alone. While building a budget is not the most fun you will ever have, it is a necessary part of life and finances. There are several ways to manage your budget, and there are several mistakes that many people make. Once you are aware of […]

Feb, 29

Five Steps to Building a Spending Plan

A well thought-out spending plan is essential for financial success. Without a spending plan, your money is not likely to make it where you want it to end up. Building a spending plan doesn’t have to be a complicated matter, and there are many ways one can go about it. Here are five steps to […]

Feb, 24

10 Reasons to Be on a Budget

Being on a budget is not always fun, but it is always beneficial. Whether you are a college student who is strapped for money, or a parent trying to teach your children its value, using a budget instills organization into your financial life. Why should you consider using a budget? Here are ten reasons. 1. […]

Feb, 02

How to Manage Your Money

Some people seem to be born with an ability to manage their financial matters effortlessly. Others? It takes a little longer to learn. Although managing money is not everyone’s strong point, there are certain things every person needs to know. The following are some of the basic steps to managing your money that can make that […]

Feb, 01

List of the Day: Expenses Worksheet

We  spotlight and make one of ListPlanIt‘s printable lists available to everyone everyday for one day only.  Each day, you can look forward to being introduced to a new list that just might rock your world!  ListPlanIt has a plethora of checklists, worksheets, schedules, inventories, and to do lists that are just waiting to be […]

Apr, 14

Finance ePlanner Bundle + Giveaway

ListPlanIt has what you need to balance the myriad of information, tasks, and responsibilities necessary to manage your home, family, and life. For a limited time, get all the tools you need to create your Finance Binder with our February Finance Bundle.  It includes ListPlanIt‘s Finance ePlanner* (retail value $8), a stylish binder (retail value $24.95), PLUS a basic annual membership (retail value […]

Feb, 24

Tips for Managing your Personal Finances

For almost all of us, taking care of our personal finances is definitely an arduous task. Easy accessibility to credit, high interest rates as well as a lack of knowledge ensure that a large proportion of families in North America are actually living deep in debt and way beyond their means. Money is neither good nor […]

Feb, 23

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

I used to believe that the quote from Benjamin Franklin, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” was about putting money into a savings account or other savings method so that my hard earned cash would earn interest. I agree with the principle of saving money in the traditional sense and work diligently to save […]

Feb, 19

Finance ePlanner is Newly Updated!

We are in the midst of updating all of ListPlanIt‘s interactive ePlanners with a fresh look and new pages! First ePlanner ready? . . . Finance ePlanner February is devoted to finances here at ListPlanIt, so with a month into the new year and tax season upon us, it is time to dive in to […]

Feb, 17

List Spotlight: Budget

A well-crafted budget is the first tool in getting and staying on top of your finances.  It is both a guide for spending and an implement to hold you accountable.  It is not enough just to fill in an estimate.  A little research into past spending and a look at where you’d like to be […]

Feb, 04

Building a Better Budget

February is all about Finances, here at ListPlanIt.  We want to help you get your budget up and running so that you can accomplish your financial goals in 2015.  The first thing to consider is a budget. A budget is a financial goal-setting tool.  Not only does it help you keep track of the necessary […]

Feb, 03

List Spotlight: Planning Retreat

One of my favorite tips for getting organized is to take a little weekly planning retreat.  By retreat, I don’t mean locking yourself away in a hotel room one night a week.  I’m suggesting that you make an appointment with yourself for your weekly planning retreat.  Put it on your calendar and announce it to […]

Apr, 08

Resources for your Weekly Planning Retreat

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the idea of taking a weekly planning retreat.  I love the idea because by setting an appointment with yourself and making planning a priority, you are giving home and family management its due diligence.  There is a lot of work to managing at home.  It can be […]

Apr, 07

Checklist of Potential Tax Deductions

The deadline for filing your taxes is just 2 weeks away.  If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you may want to visit or an H&R Block very soon.  Be sure to gather the documents that you need first so filing is quicker and simpler.  If you itemize your tax return, you need to […]

Mar, 31

Tips for Staying within your Christmas Budget

You’ve saved all year (or maybe just for a couple of weeks) to buy Christmas gifts, and now you’re finding that you’re running low on dough. How are you going to buy gifts for everyone on your list? These 10 tips will help you select just the right gifts without going into the dreaded “Christmas […]

Dec, 10

Tips for Cutting your Grocery Bill without using Coupons

Though I’ve never been a hard-core coupon shopper, I used to cut coupons out of the Sunday newspaper and then make my grocery list based on what coupons I had. Now, I hardly ever use coupons (except the occasional coupon I pull off of the can or box that I am buying). I know a […]

Aug, 19

list of ways to teach your children how to budget their own money

* This post was originally published 2 years ago today. You may have heard the phrase, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  You may have even used it yourself, especially when talking to a child.  Money is such a complicated concept.  Children watch adults use various methods of spending and it is not difficult to see […]

Feb, 23

list of steps to creating a utilities fund in your budget

We’ve been totaling some of our big expenses and then breaking them down in order to spread out payments over our pay periods instead of in one big lump sum.  So far, we’ve worked on creating an Auto Fund and a Home Fund. Today, we’re talking about another large one. . .utilities expenses.  The idea […]

Feb, 22

list of steps to creating a home fund in your budget

February is finances month at  We wrote last week about creating an auto fund for your budget, and this week we’ll consider ways to have enough money in your home fund to cover your rent or mortgage and anything else that you might need for your home.  How much should you add to your […]

Feb, 16

video: budgeting for home expenses with a home fund worksheet has all the pages you need to budget your and accumulate your money for frequent and infrequent expenses. Today we are focusing on ListPlanIt‘s Home Fund Worksheet. I put together a quick video tutorial this morning on how to use this page. You’ll find lots of pages for tracking your funds and for working […]

Feb, 15

list of considerations for creating an auto fund in your budget

February is about finances at  Managing your family or business finances is very important part of planning.  There are no “fix it and forget it” solutions when it comes to staying on top of your money.  And while it may seem like there is not enough to go around, it is important to look […]

Feb, 08

video: using listplanit’s auto fund worksheet

ListPlanIt has all the pages you need to budget and accumulate your money for frequent and infrequent expenses.  Today we are focusing on ListPlanIt‘s Auto Fund Worksheet. I put together a quick video tutorial this morning on how to use this page. You’ll find lots of pages for tracking your funds and for working out your […]

Feb, 08

list of ways to prevent buyer’s remorse after purchases

It is part of the human condition to want to change things up sometimes or add something new to a home or a wardrobe.  However, if one is not careful, new purchases can quickly turn from excitement to stress or anxiety.  Here is how Wikipedia defines it. . . “Buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret […]

Jan, 23


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