Ideas for Food & Fun at your Next Girls’ Night In

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to plan a great girls’ night in, get inspired the next time you want to invite a few girlfriends to your home with some of these fun ideas from around the web. Food   Beverages     Fun   Be sure to Check out ListPlanIt‘s Girls’ Night […]

Mar, 11

Simple Steps to a Fun Girls’ Night In

Having a Girls’ Night In in your home is a great way to get together with friends in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  A home is a safe place to kick off your shoes, sit on the floor, and laugh out loud.  Many people neglect to host friends in their home because they are worried that […]

Mar, 10

list of ways to keep children entertained during the summertime

Kids spend the last month or two of school simply counting down the minutes until summer vacation begins. But after a few school-free days, the dreaded words “I’m bored” become all too common for parents everywhere. The good news is that there are plenty of fun ways to keep your children entertained (that don’t include […]

Jul, 16

list of ways to celebrate may as national bike month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Why not take the opportunity to celebrate by participating in some fun, bike-related activities! Host a Bike-To-Work or Bike-To-School Day • The more people involved the better! Research bike friendly paths in your town and visit them Have a Bike Parade • Give prizes for the […]

May, 17

list of activities to include on your family’s summer to do list

Summertime is what children’s dreams are made of.  Ingredients include sleeping later than usual, no homework, playing with friends, and fun times with mom & dad.  It should be relaxing and it should be as unstructured as possible.  If both parents are working outside the home, then time will be a little more limited and […]

May, 07

list of ways to celebrate chocolate day

Forget Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Christmas…Did you know that CHOCOLATE DAY is on July 7th?  That’s just a couple of months away.  A whole day devoted to that delicious cocoa-based confection! And since chocolate comes from cacao beans that grow on a tree, it’s healthy, right?  Here are some great excuses to make that day […]

May, 01

list of fun rainy day activities

There are days when kids are at home (weekends, breaks, summer) and it is rainy.  Instead of spending too much time in front of the tv or computer, have a list ready of indoor activities to inspire creativity, imagination, stimulation, and fun. Gather everyone around for some fun as a group or individual.  Let them […]

Apr, 16

list of steps to write a book

By guest blogger, Jessica Kinney Like me, I’m sure all of you at one time or another has read a book and thought, “I can do this.”  If you enjoy reading and read regularly, you likely can write a book, especially if you devote yourself to the process. I’ve always been an incessant reader and […]

Feb, 21

list of things to do with fallen leaves

If your yard looks anything like ours does this time of the year, it is COVERED in fallen leaves. Why not take advantage of this free gift from your trees and have some fun with your family? Leaf Rubbings • The original fallen leaf activity…put a leaf under a piece of paper (best if the […]

Oct, 20

list of things to do with sidewalk chalk

Most children love sidewalk chalk (although my oldest daughter insists on using one of those chalk holders or wrapping a paper towel around the chalk because she doesn’t like the feel of it on her fingers). It is a great (and cheap) way to keep the kiddos entertained for a while. Here are some prompts […]

Jul, 08

list of beginning-of-summer party ideas

Summer is revving up and it is time to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of warm weather.  Kids and adults alike love getting together with friends and having fun around a theme. Members to ListPlanIt will find the lists they need in Holidays & Occasions to plan for a fun party or […]

Jun, 06

list of games to play when hiking with children

A hike can be a great adventure and a lot of fun for children of all ages when they are challenged to think about their surroundings. Use some of these activities next time you go on a family hike.   They will not only add to the fun but will get your family to thinking and […]

May, 31

list of things to consider when hiking with your family

Memorial Day is a great day to set out on a new trail with the family. Years ago, when my husband and I wanted to go for a hike, we’d grab our hiking shoes, water bottle, two granola bars and a camera and head out the door. 12 years and three children later, things are […]

May, 30

list of things you need to make a fairy house

With warmer weather right around the corner (hopefully!), my kids have been playing outside more. As the snow has melted away in our yard, they have begun yet another season of building fairy houses. Collecting natural things all over the yard and creating elaborate domiciles for tiny woodland fairies and their friends is a favorite […]

Apr, 15

list of free local activities and things to do with your family

* This post has been contributed by Annie Young. Do you and your family have any plans this weekend? Want to get out of the house and do something different, but don’t want to break the bank doing it? There are tons of things a family can do locally that are fun and free (three […]

Feb, 24

list of valentine’s day games for the young at heart

What child doesn’t LOVE games? Give your children a Valentine’s Day they will remember by playing a few of these Heart Day games. It’s a great way to really show them how much you love them! Who’s Your Match?Divide your family into 2 teams and form two rows facing each other. The first player on […]

Feb, 11

list of games to play in the snow

* This post was written by contributing author and parenting pro, Annie Young. I just read that as of recently, 49 states have had snow on the ground in some part of them (Florida was cited as the one state without any…that lucky Sunshine State!). I know I can see plowed snow piles higher than […]

Feb, 07

list of craft supplies for holiday decorating and gift-making

Handmade treasures are a great symbol of the spirit of Christmas:  they are best when shared with friends and family, they become a simple yet meaningful decoration for your holiday home, and they offer lots of time during assembly for refection on the season.  Making time for crafts with your spouse, your children, and your […]

Dec, 06

list of steps to begin letterboxing

This post has been modified from its original, published April 28, 2008. If you have not discovered Letterboxing, then let me tell you about my family’s new favorite weekend adventure! Good citizens all over the U.S. and beyond have placed letterboxes in hidden places. Then created clues to help you find the letterboxes. It is […]

May, 26

list of favorite things about our evening at disney on ice’s ‘finding nemo’

When I was contacted about the possibility of getting tickets to Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo, I jumped at the chance!  Finding Nemo is one of the best Disney movies of all time and I couldn’t wait to see the colorful costumes gliding around on the ice.  The last time my family had been to […]

Mar, 05

list of things moms want to do on the weekend

Think you are the only mom who wants to let her hair down a little on the weekend?  Not even close.  With the weekend upon us, and the last weekend of a hard-core winter month, it is only appropriate that we should want to truly consider what might benefit us the most this weekend.  For […]

Feb, 26

list of fun things to do with your kids during the holiday break

As our kids finish up the last days of school before the holiday break, we may find ourselves wondering how we will make it through the next 2 weeks with such lively, wound-up children. It is winter so in many places in the U.S., it is cold. Sure, the kids may go outside for an […]

Dec, 17

list of instructions for making a holiday paper chain

This activity has been at the top of our family’s Advent Activity Calendar since my children were very small. Now that they are bigger, they still enjoy creating these chains, in fact we made our chains just last night!  It is a fun activity that turns into a festive decoration for the dining area, den, […]

Dec, 03

list of steps to a successful holiday cookie exchange

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve attended a few cookie exchanges, but have never hosted one myself – until this year.  In a couple of weeks, I will be hosting a Christmas cookie exchange with some of my closest friends.  I am truly excited!  Last year was hard for my family and this year […]

Nov, 30

list of reasons i love my new camera

Cameras, like computers, seem to improve their technology at the speed of light.  The camera we bought just 4 years ago was so cool that I thought it would last us forever and that we would always be satisfied with it.  It was only 2 megapixels.  For those of you who know anything about digital […]

Jul, 04


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