list of steps to begin letterboxing

May, 26 For Fun

This post has been modified from its original, published April 28, 2008.

If you have not discovered Letterboxing, then let me tell you about my family’s new favorite weekend adventure! Good citizens all over the U.S. and beyond have placed letterboxes in hidden places. Then created clues to help you find the letterboxes. It is similar to anther activity called Geo Caching, but I love that letterboxing requires no special electronic devices. You can find out more by visiting

list of steps to begin letterboxing |

      • Purchase supplies – stamp, inkpad, notebook, pen
      • Grab Bag – Set aside a bag specifically for holding your materials.
      • Find a Box – Visit or atlasquest.comto discover thousands of letterboxes hidden around North America.  Browse through the letterboxes either in your area or in the area you plan to visit.
      • Get a CluePrint out directions (clues) to a few of your favorite prospects.
      • Take a Hike – Wear good shoes for hiking/walking.  Follow directions to the letterbox.
      • Hunt forTreasure Once you discover the letterbox, pull it out of its hiding place carefully.   Move to a different location to stamp it in order to keep its hiding place a secret to passersby.
      • Stamp ItApply the stamp found in the letterbox to your notebook. Include pertinent info such as date, companions’ names, location of letterbox.  Stamp their notebook/log with your stamp. Include pertinent info such as date, companions’ names, where you are from.
      • Have Fun – We’ve discovered several new places in our own region of our state while letterboxing.  If you enjoy nature, but are prone to the urge to need to “accomplish something”, then letterboxing is a good fit.  No more aimlessly wondering trails.  Also, do not be discouraged if occasionally you do not find the letterbox. Sometimes, they are discovered by others and taken. Move onto the next one, but be sure to report it so it can be replaced.

Reading the letterbox log.

Have you ever gone letterboxing?  What was your best experience?  What was the worst experience?

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