List of Considerations for a Possible Move

Whether it is the desire to be closer to family, happier at work, or for a change in scenery, you’ve realized that a move may be in the near future.  Before you even pack a box, there are quite a few things to consider.  Preparing yourself mentally for a move will help you to leap […]

Mar, 25

list of things to remember when planning a move

Moving. . .The very thought of it can send chills down your spine and can cause people to break out into a cold sweat. Experts say that any kind of change creates “stress”. Moving (especially when relocating to a new city or state) represents a huge change and naturally brings a great amount of stress […]

Oct, 03

list of reasons to hire a professional organizer for your organizing needs

I have just returned from Baltimore, where it was my very good fortune to have spent 3 days in the company of a host of professional organizers attending the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  We were there to show them the benefits and advantages of having hundreds of printable lists available to print or […]

Mar, 28

list of ways to stay in touch with friends during travel or a move

Whether traveling for a week or a few weeks or longer, children and adults alike might find that they miss their friends back home.  Technology today has provided so many opportunities for staying in touch for little or no cost (not including the cost of equipment).  Of course, there is something magical about the old-fashioned […]

Nov, 15

list of items to collect for kids off to college

If you have a student who is soon to be leaving home, bound for a college campus, I don’t have to tell you that there are quite a few things that he/she will be needing.   Start collecting now so you are prepared when it is time to begin packing. A little here and a […]

Jul, 16

list of steps to prepare for a move

Even from the first news that you’ll be moving, whether around the block or cross country, there is a lot that can be done to prepare for your move. I have moved 9 times in my married life – sometimes on our own and sometimes with a moving company. Either way, it is a whole […]

Jun, 07


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