list of reasons to hire a professional organizer for your organizing needs

I have just returned from Baltimore, where it was my very good fortune to have spent 3 days in the company of a host of professional organizers attending the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  We were there to show them the benefits and advantages of having hundreds of printable lists available to print or download at ListPlanIt, and they in turn reminded me of the multitude of ways that they make a difference in the lives of overwhelmed people everyday.  We have two things in common: 1) we use our skills and energy to help organize people’s lives and 2) we are listmakers.  It is a beautiful things to watch a group of professionals become giddy at the sight of so many lists.

list of reasons to hire a professional organizer for your organizing needs |

While lists can be used to create plans, inventory items, plan schedules, track to dos, check off your progress, and much more, there may be times when you need some outside help.  A Professional Organizer might just be the person for the job.  This is a group of people that have a whole host of systems, advice, know-how, and muscle, ready to assist you in solving personal, family, and business challenges.  Here is a list of some reasons to consider finding a personal organizer near you or contacting a professional organizer from around the globe to advise and encourage you.    If you don’t know where to get started, check out our Professional Directory full of organizers and coaches who not only have access to all of the resources available at, but would be willing to assist you in gaining control in any area of your life.

  • Residential Services
    • storage and shelving solutions
    • decluttering
    • inventory
    • closets
    • basements/attics
    • garages/workshops
    • bedrooms
    • playrooms
    • craft/sewing rooms
    • kitchen/pantry
  • Moving 
    • packing
    • unpacking
    • selling your home
    • sorting
  • Garage/Estate Sale Planning
    • sorting
    • pricing
    • charitable donations
  • Estate Planning
    • document management
    • bereavement organizing
    • estate dispersal
  • Meal Systems/Planning
    • menu planning
    • grocery shopping
    • pantry/refrigerator organization
  • Errand Services
    • shopping
    • dry cleaning
    • prescription fulfillment
  • File/Paper Management
    • mail sorting
    • filing systems
    • memorabilia
    • tax planning
  • Electronic Management
    • email organization
    • photo organization
    • digital conversion of documents
  • Time Management
    • personal
    • family
    • business
    • productivity
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
    • planning for natural disasters
    • fire safety planning
  • Student Organization
    • student office set up
    • student organization systems
  • Small Business Organizing
    • home office set up
    • efficiency and operations management
    • workflow coaching
    • meeting planning
  • Event/Wedding Planning
    • showers
    • guest lists
    • party planning
    • registry assistance
  • Green Organizing
    • sustainable practices
  • Senior Management
    • relocation services
    • medication/medical records tracking
  • Travel Planning
    • location research
    • packing/unpacking
    • reservation planning

Have you ever used a Professional Organizer? If you hired one, what area of your home or life do you most need assistance?

One response to “list of reasons to hire a professional organizer for your organizing needs”

  1. USSC says:

    Im in the process of decluttering my home and office but it has become one of the most difficult and emotional tasks I had to tackle. Having someone to say trash it would be a great resource to have!


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