list of items to collect for kids off to college

If you have a student who is soon to be leaving home, bound for a college campus, I don’t have to tell you that there are quite a few things that he/she will be needing.   Start collecting now so you are prepared when it is time to begin packing. A little here and a little there will help prevent the last minute rush to satisfy the comfort level of your Freshman-to-be.

list of items to collect for kids off to college |

  • Bedding for an extra long twin: sheets, mattress pad, bedspread
  • Lamp: for late night study sessions
  • Alarm clock: to make it to class on time
  • Laptop or Tablet: an absolute must for today’s college students
  • Cell Phone: with all important contacts included
  • Student Planner: whether digital or paper, to keep track of class times, study sessions, homework, and final exams
  • Dishes/Utensils: a few plates, bowls, cups, and pieces of silverware are necessary
  • Laundry basket: don’t forget some detergent and a roll of quarters
  • School supplies: paper, pencils, folders, binders, highlighters, tape, stapler
  • Money: start saving now for a little “nest egg” to start out the semester

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6 responses to “list of items to collect for kids off to college”

  1. gina says:

    money doesn’t grow on mom and dad- lol.

    I would say to that # and address lists the numbers of local emergency services and counselors. The directions to the local ER and oter safety stuff.

  2. thatissocute says:

    Don't forget to teach them how to handle issues & money: credit cards, checking accounts, etc. Hopefully, they've learned that money doesn't grow on mom & dad!

  3. Samantha says:

    I’d like to see how this list will change in 16 years when it’s time for my son to go to college. I bet there will be more technology stuff.

    Also, to Amanda, what did people use duct tape for? Or do I want to know. :)

  4. Amanda says:

    Another suggestion for you: duct tape. It was the one thing I didn’t bring that I wished I had. And once I got some, my entire floor wanted to borrow the roll.

  5. carol says:

    Excellent list. One suggestion: have them put the addresses and phone numbers on the computer or on their cell phones. They will miss place the address book for sure.

  6. Audrey says:

    Where were you when my daughter got ready for college? Who knew all the thing she’d need. What a great list.


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