list of activities to include on your family’s summer to do list

Summertime is what children’s dreams are made of.  Ingredients include sleeping later than usual, no homework, playing with friends, and fun times with mom & dad.  It should be relaxing and it should be as unstructured as possible.  If both parents are working outside the home, then time will be a little more limited and the day a bit more structured.  No matter the situation, life is for enjoying and you’ll want to take advantage of all that summertime has to offer.  In order to prioritize, it is a good idea to brainstorm the activities that you would like to accomplish and then lay out a plan for achieving those goals.  You’ll have more time to fit in those goals if you do it before the summer even begins.  Here are some ideas to help you create your family’s Summer To Do List.

list of activities to include on your family's summer to do list |

  • Food
    There are foods that are ingrained in the fabric of the season. For summer, that means they are usually both fresh and flavorful. It just wouldn’t be summertime without some of the following foods.
    • fruits: strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, peaches
    • seafood: lobster, shrimp, fish
    • salads: potato, pasta, leaf
    • ice Cream: homemade, local creamery
  • Fun & Games
    When the days are sunny and warm, a yard and/or neighborhood are the best playgrounds.  Friends gather to play games and use their imagination.
    • obstacle course
    • sprinkler or pool
    • putt-putt golf
    • scavenger hunt
    • fly a kite
  • Field Trips
    It’s good to travel away from home, even just a short way, and discover the world around.  There are likely so many things within just a few miles that you have yet to do.
    • historic sites
    • farms
    • museums
    • state parks
12 summer to do list

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  • Sports
    Whether you are an avid sports fan, or quite the opposite, this summer has a sport for everyone to follow and enjoy.  Be an active participant, or participate in the stands.  Cheer for your home team.
    • fishing
    • baseball
    • tour de france
    • olympics
  • Arts & Crafts
    Stock your arts/crafts bin and offer some guidance on crafts projects.  Kids are learning when they are creating and imagining.
    • make a mosaic
    • tie-dye a summer shirt
    • sidewalk chalk art exhibit
    • make clay sculptures
  • Learning
    Children lose a good-sized portion of what they learn during the school year in the summertime.  Do what you can to get your kids thinking and using their brains.  Make learning a part of their everyday routine.
    • summer reading. . .make frequent visits to the library or start a book club
    • take a closer look at another culture
    • gather items from the backyard under a microscope
    • create a lapbook over the summer
  • Hobbies
    It is hard to find time to cultivate a hobby during the school year.  Give the members in your family the opportunities they need to pursue and improve their skills in the things they enjoy the most.
    • bird-watching
    • rock-collecting
    • rug-hooking
    • gardening
    • letterboxing or geocaching

What’s on your family’s summer to do list? What activities are specific to your region? Tell us in the comments below.

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