list of craft supplies for holiday decorating and gift-making

Handmade treasures are a great symbol of the spirit of Christmas:  they are best when shared with friends and family, they become a simple yet meaningful decoration for your holiday home, and they offer lots of time during assembly for refection on the season.  Making time for crafts with your spouse, your children, and your extended family can become a tradition of laughter and productivity.  Crafts can be useful for wrapping gifts, labeling gifts, mailing to friends, decorating a home or a tree, hanging in windows, adorning gifts, and/or wrapping up for loved ones as gifts.

list of craft supplies for holiday decorating and gift-making |

A well-stocked supply basket or cupboard in December is an important first step to your holiday craft-making.  Here is a list of things to look for.


  • construction paper
  • poster board
  • paint brushes
  • poster paints
  • crayons /  markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • clear tape


  • glitter
  • sequins
  • beads
  • tissue paper
  • gift wrap
  • stickers
  • pom-poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • cotton balls
  • ribbons
  • yarn
  • thread
  • foam sheets
  • felt

Recycled Items

  • cardboard tubes
  • straws
  • paper clips
  • brown paper bags
  • buttons
  • ribbons

Please feel free to print our new Craft Supply Checklist to use in craft shopping and supply organizing.

What would you include as an important part of a well-stocked craft supply?


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