list of things to do with sidewalk chalk

Most children love sidewalk chalk (although my oldest daughter insists on using one of those chalk holders or wrapping a paper towel around the chalk because she doesn’t like the feel of it on her fingers). It is a great (and cheap) way to keep the kiddos entertained for a while. Here are some prompts to get your artist(s) started if they get stuck for ideas.

list of things to do with sidewalk chalk |

  • Roadmaps
    • My family loves to make winding roads with stops along the way…Dairy Queen, the pet store, a parking lot.
    • Then they ride their bikes or scooters around their new town.
  • Hopscotch
    • Start simple and make a traditional hopscotch outline.  Then let them get creative.
  • Welcome Signs
    • Whenever we have summer company, my kids make welcome signs in chalk on our driveway.
    • There have been many a 4:30 afternoon (you know what I am talking about), when I have insisted everyone get OUT of the kitchen while I am making dinner and go and make welcome messages/pictures for Daddy, who will be coming home from work soon!
  • Chalk Mazes
  • Family Outlines
    • My kids loved to be traced in chalk and then draw in the details
  • Classic Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Chalk Stakeout
    • Chalk a house with windows and doors. Have several areas (windows, doors, chimney) to capture. Chalk a baseline about 5 feet away (for younger children 4 feet away).
    • Take turns tossing a small rock onto the house. When a rock lands in a section that can be captured (like a door or window) mark the capture with initials. After all the sections are captured, each player counts up his Stakeouts. The player with the most Stakeouts wins!
    • Penalties:  Lose a turn if your rock lands on another player’s Stakeout. The toss doesn’t count if it lands less than half-way over the line.
  • Use Wet Chalk
    • Dip chalk in water and see the colors really POP.
  • Be Amazed by This 3D Sidewalk Chalk Artist!
    • Watch this with your family and get inspired

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