list of reasons i love my new camera

Jul, 04 For Fun

Cameras, like computers, seem to improve their technology at the speed of light.  The camera we bought just 4 years ago was so cool that I thought it would last us forever and that we would always be satisfied with it.  It was only 2 megapixels.  For those of you who know anything about digital cameras, you may have forgotten that cameras were ever made with so few megapixels.  I have really only wanted to take photos of my children, but lately, with the new blog, I have been yearning for a way to take some of my own photos.  I knew I needed a better camera.  So after weeks of research and shopping, I have finally settled on a Canon Rebel XT.  Although you see a nice stock photo here of my new camera, I hope to be able to use the product of my new camera in future posts.  Here are some of my favorite features of a camera like this.

list of reasons i love my new camera |

  • I’ll say it again. . .megapixels.  I wanted more megapixels for a sharper image without going overboard.
  • Digital.  I have a Canon Rebel that my sweet husband bought for me several years ago.  It is a great camera in excellent condition, but it uses film.  Because I am a person that despises wasting money, the film development would just about drive me crazy.  Each time I had a roll developed, about half of the pictures were out of focus, blurry, or just plain not good.   This way, I don’t pay for any pictures I have not already approved.
  • Professional quality.  There are more compact 8 megapixel cameras out there, but I wanted a camera that makes me feel like an artist!  I will never be a professional photographer, but I love the creative outlet that a good camera affords.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. . .

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What is a part of your family’s celebration of Independence Day? What are some of your favorite memories?


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