Steps to Help You Prepare for Graduation Day

Graduation day is a major milestone for anyone who has ever studied their way through high school or college.  It is a day that is to be celebrated as both an achievement and as a stepping stone to the next level.  Preparing for the ceremony and events that surround graduation day takes some forethought and planning.  This week, we’ll concentrate on a timeline to follow in order to be ready for graduation day.

 Steps to Help You Prepare for Graduation Day |

6 Weeks Prior

  • Order Announcements.  Order from a representative from the school, online, or make your own.
  • Prepare party invites.  Order the invites to be included in the announcements or make your own.
  • Order Cap & Gown.  Usually this is done through a representative at the school.

4 Weeks Prior

  • Consider gifts for the grad.  No matter if they are going on to the next level of their education or starting out in the world of independence, there are lots of things a graduate will need after graduation.
  • Consider gifts for teachers and friends.  When you have a graduate in the house, you are likely to know and want to recognize a few people that have been involved in the grad’s success.  Research and keep your eyes open for ideas and deals in your local community or online.
  • Select Thank You notes.  For the inevitable graduation gifts, be ready with a stack of Thank You notes to write as they come in.
  • Make a party plan.  Consider decorations, menu, location, and guests.

2 Weeks Prior

  • Go shopping.  Be prepared for the big day with a new outfit for the grad to wear.
  • Send out announcements/invitations.  Address them and get them in the mail so that people have a chance to put graduation day on their calendars.
  • Purchase party supplies/decorations.  Consider plates, napkins, cups, banners, balloons, centerpieces, tablecloths, anything you need to make the celebration spectacular.

1 Week Prior

  • Hang up gown.  Give it a chance to straighten out the creases from packaging.
  • Purchase party food/drinks.  Use your menu to create a shopping list.  Then don’t stop until you have everything you need for your guests to enjoy.
  • Capture the memories.  Make sure your camera and video camera are ready to go on the big day.  Think about asking a friend or relative to capture the photos &/or video so you don’t miss a thing.

Do you have a graduation coming up this year?  Are you ready?

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