Lists for Preparing for Back to School

Once August hits, our thoughts start turning toward preparing for children to go back to school.  This is a busy time of year.  There is a lot of hustle and bustle to get things done before the end of the summer so that your child is ready and willing to learn.  To get the most out of the time left until school starts, lists will help you organize your thoughts and set up a plan of attack.  All it takes is a few minutes of thoughtful planning in order to make the transition back to school a smooth and happy one.

Lists for Preparing for Back to School |

Here are some different types of lists for preparing yourself and your kids for Back to School.

  • August & September Calendars – Be sure to jot down everything you need to remember: Meet the Teacher events, sports practices, back to school shopping excursions, first day of school, etc.
  • School Supply Shopping List –  List each child’s needs, and then add them up for the total number pencils or notebooks or watercolor sets.
  • Carpool Signup and Schedule (PDF) –  Join together with neighbors who are driving kids to school/daycare.  Take turns driving and save time/gas.
  • School Lunch Planner – Keep an inventory of your lunch choices. When it is time to prepare lunch, use this list for your inspiration.
  • Weekly Lunch Planner – Plan out your student’s lunches for the week. Planning ahead is the key to a healthy lunch menu.
  • 1-Month Countdown –  Use this list to set goals or as a record of things done.
  • Daily Reminders – This list helps to remember what everyone needs to grab, pack, or prepare before they leave the house for the day.
  • Checklist Before School – List tasks and reminders that should be accomplished each night and morning before school.
  • Weekly Schedule – Keep track of your family’s weekly schedule in one handy list.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Record practice times for budding musicians, artists, and hobbyists.

Back to School means school supplies, new schedules, and a fresh start for children and parents alike.  ListPlanIt has everything you need to plan for Back to School including school supply shopping lists, homework schedules, daily/weekly/monthly planning pages, an afterschool planner, school lunch planner, class roster, and so much more!  Check out our selection in Student Planning or in Student ePlanner.  Join today and get organized for the summer and beyond.

Do you homeschool?  If so, then ListPlanIt has loads of printable/downloadable lists, schedules, worksheets, inventories, and planners for your home education needs in Home Education ePlanner.

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