List Spotlight: Monthly To Do List

As a new month rolls around, it is important to look ahead and to prepare for the month ahead.  There may already be several appointments, events, or special occasions that have been noted on your calendar.  These often require some type of advanced planning.  Know of a birthday coming up?  You might need to add buying a card or a gift to your to do list.  Does your child have a doctor’s appointment soon?  You may want to call the school and let them know.  Consider all of the things on your To Do List for the month of October.  Don’t forget to add some seasonal fun.  Check out this October To Do List.

Monthly To Do List: October |

Click image to view my Monthly To Do List for October


ListPlanIt‘s Monthly To Do List can be found in Time Management. Find more ways to let ListPlanIt help you prepare for fall and the season to come here.

What is on your To Do List for October?  Tell us in the comments below!

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