100 Ways to Occupy Kids this Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year for children and adults alike due to cold weather and shortened daylight. However, there are plenty of ways to be active and stay warm, whether indoors or outdoors. Children love it when parents take the time to play with them, but there are plenty of ways for children to entertain themselves during the winter months, as well.

100 Ways to Occupy Kids this Winter | ListPlanIt.com

Here are some fun indoor and outdoor winter activities that you can share with your children:

  1. Make it a movie night
  2. Make it a game night
  3. Cook your child’s favorite meal together.
  4. Make your child’s favorite dessert together.
  5. Make sock puppets and put on a play.
  6. Play dress up and put on a play.
  7. Go for a drive on a clear night and look for constellations.
  8. Turn on the radio and have a dance party.
  9. Clean together but make it fun.
  10. Have a snowball fight (outdoors with snowballs or indoors with balled up socks).
  11. Play hide-n-seek inside.
  12. Get a membership to your local YMCA.
  13. Write a story book together.
  14. Go through clothes and donate them to a charity.
  15. Get pillows and blankets and make forts.
  16. Camp out in the living room.
  17. Have a cookie baking party.
  18. Color together.
  19. Cut coupons together.
  20. Go sledding.
  21. Have an arts-and-crafts-kind-of-day.
  22. Help your child start their own blog.
  23. Have a scavenger hunt.
  24. Create a scrapbook.
  25. Make a sticker book.
  26. Exercise together.
  27. Make play dough.
  28. Go iceskating.
  29. Go to a museum.
  30. Review your local community calendar and choose an event or two.
  31. Set up playdates with friends.
  32. Have a treasure hunt.
  33. Help the kids get their room organized.
  34. Create an obstacle course inside.
  35. Make balloon animals.
  36. Read books together.
  37. Have a child write a script.  Then make a movie together.
  38. Make musical instruments and start a band together.
  39. Have a picnic in the living room.
  40. Bring snow inside and play with it.
  41. Go to the library.
  42. Make paper airplanes.
  43. Visit friends and family.
  44. Go bowling.
  45. Go rollerskating.
  46. Find an indoor pool or watermark.
  47. Have a karaoke competition.
  48. Learn origami.
  49. Make a family tree.
  50. Learn a new card game.
  51. Learn to knit.
  52. Learn to crochet.
  53. Play charades.
  54. Go for a drive to a scenic spot.
  55. Make a collage out of junk mail or old catalogs/magazines.
  56. Host a table tennis tournament.
  57. Visit a local animal shelter.
  58. Visit a nursing home.
  59. Play a board game.
  60. Make a recipe book with pictures.
  61. Fingerpaint.
  62. Fix broken items around the house.
  63. Play balloon volleyball.
  64. Make cards for family and friends.
  65. Go to a sporting event.
  66. Play musical chairs.
  67. Play hot potato in the house.
  68. Bundle up and take a nature walk.
  69. Wash all the walls in your house.
  70. Have the kids help you shovel snow.
  71. Go to the dollar store and give each kid a designated amount to shop.
  72. Go to Chuck-E-Cheese or an arcade.
  73. Get rid of broken or unused toys.
  74. Make a hopscotch board inside.
  75. Make snowflakes out of paper.
  76. Make crayons by melting broken crayons and pouring into molds.
  77. Find a pen pal.
  78. Learn something new everyday by using Google.
  79. Make a house of cards.
  80. Build a city out of your recycling.
  81. Build a maze out of dominoes.
  82. Have a hula hooping contest.
  83. Have a fashion show.
  84. Finish a household project.
  85. Go to the aquarium.
  86. Visit a pet store.
  87. Shovel neighbors driveway and steps.
  88. Make snow ice cream.
  89. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  90. Catch snowflakes with your tongue.
  91. Make a snow angel.
  92. Build a snow fort.
  93. Build a blanket fort.
  94. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
  95. Make a gingerbread house.
  96. Make s’mores in a campfire or the fireplace.
  97. Have hallway races.
  98. Take a walk around the mall.
  99. Play interactive video games as a family.
  100. Go on a bear hunt.

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