Unplug for the National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging is a “digital detox” and designed to encourage individuals and families to look up from their screens, give their fingers a break, and connect with hobbies and people IRL (in real life).   Beginning at sundown on Friday, March 7 and ending at sundown on Saturday, March 8, the National Day of Unplugging is an opportunity to pledge not to touch a computer, tv, mobile phone, or other electronic device for just 24 hours.  Instead, participants are encouraged to do some of those pre-media things that we did just 20 years ago.  Remember how we used to contact our friends?  Remember when reading the news meant opening a newspaper?  Remember when the projects we did or the things that we did in our spare time involved pencil and paper or just sitting in a park?

Unplug for the National Day of Unplugging | ListPlanIt.com

Now, everything we do revolves around a computer or mobile device.  While it makes many things more convenient, it can also distract us from the hobbies and people that we love.  That’s why it is important to unplug every now and again.

I found a few really great ideas around the web concerning unplugging yourself and/or your family.  Here are a few:

What are some ways that you can make the most of your day of unplugging?  Tell us in the comments below.

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