Ways to Celebrate your Anniversary

Tomorrow is my anniversary!  Nineteen years ago, two kids stood in front of their friends and family and promised to love each other forever.  The road has had plenty of twists and turns, but we’ve had so many adventures and I wouldn’t want to be on this lifelong journey with anyone else.

There are so many reasons to celebrate:  love, partnership, fortitude, offspring.  Living with someone else is not always easy.  It means daily compromise and communication.  However, the pledge to stand by one another is a comfort in both sunny and dark days.

Ways to Celebrate your Anniversary | ListPlanIt.com

Sneaking a kiss to my handsome husband.

Whether your anniversary is between the two of you or is for the world to know, there are plenty of ways that you can celebrate.

  • Go with the Gift.  Gifts have long been a way to express love &/or friendship to someone.  What makes a gift great is not the cost but the thought and consideration that goes into it.
  • Have an Adventure  Anniversaries are a great excuse to travel together.  Whether visiting your hometown(s) or a long-anticipated destination, traveling can be a great way to connect with your love and to spend some quality time.
  • Create a Record.  Buy a journal and begin it with the story of how you fell in love.  Write the story together or take turns writing your version of the story.  then create an entry an each anniversary.  Entries could be love letters to each other, a timeline of the previous year, or goals for your relationship in the coming year.
  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane.  Remember those things that you used to love doing together?  Has it been a while since you’ve been able to do them together?  There is no time like an anniversary to play your favorite game, see a favorite movie, eat in a favorite restaurant, attend a favorite event, etc.
  • Remember the Day.  Get out your wedding photo album and flip through the pages.  Was your wedding videoed?  Prepare a Cuddle Kit to gear up for a evening on the couch.  Gather the family around with a bowl of popcorn and cry (and laugh) over the guests, the vows, and the dresses.
  • Relive the Day.  Invite some friends over.  Gather your family members.  Renew your commitment to each other again and again.  Then have a party!
  • Express your Love.  Here is a great idea for an anniversary surprise: tie love notes to some helium balloon strings (one for each year you’ve been married).  Or create a book that commemorates your love, alphabet-style.
  • Make an Offer He Can’t Refuse.  I know coupons have been done before, but here is a great list of things that you can do for your love.  Make coupons or a checklist.  Set up a timeline.
  • Take a Photo.  Commemorate this spelling occasion with a photo.  Check out ListPlanIt‘s Pinterest board for some great photo ideas for your next anniversary.

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