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Home Improvements & Inventories

Home ePlanner: Home Improvements & Inventories.  $5 for 55 pages of printable lists for the home! Home ePlanner provides everything you need to help you plan, organize, maintain, and inventory the contents of your home.

Your home is your sanctuary. A place you can go when you need to feel safe and comfortable. It is difficult to relax when your place of refuge is in need, or worse, in chaos. Home ePlanner has 50 pages of printable lists to help you tackle your next home project.

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Here is what you’ll find inside:

  • Getting “It” Together
  • Annual Auto Maintenance Checklist
  • Auto Maintenance Record
  • Auto Service Record
  • Car Buying Checklist
  • Car Shopping Comparison
  • Appliance/Electronic Repair Record
  • Brand Comparison
  • Steps to Inventorying your Family’s Seasonal Clothing
  • Women’s Clothing Inventory
  • Women’s Shoe Inventory
  • Men’s Clothing Inventory
  • Men’s Shoe Inventory
  • Girl’s Clothing Inventory
  • Girl’s Shoe Inventory
  • Boy’s Clothing Inventory
  • Boy’s Shoe Inventory
  • Clothing Storage Labels
  • Emergency Evacuation Inventory
  • Filing System Index
  • Guest Log
  • Heath & Beauty Supply Inventory – Makeup
  • Health & Beauty Supply Inventory – Toiletries
  • Home Improvements (3 pgs)
  • Home Improvement Wish List (3 pgs)
  • Home Improvement Worksheet
  • Home Inventory (6 pgs)
  • Home Maintenance & Repair Checklist
  • Home Service Record
  • Honey Do List
  • Items Needed (3 pgs)
  • Movie Inventory
  • Music Inventory
  • New Car Budget Worksheet
  • New Vehicle Worksheet
  • Subscription Tracker
  • The 3 R’s
  • Ways you can Make a Difference
  • Year-at-a-Glance

Home ePlanner is an instant PDF download-able product that includes worksheets and lists to help you put and keep your home in order!

All of this for just the one-time price of $5!

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