Student ePlanner

Being a student can take as much organization and planning as running an organization.

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Student ePlanner will give your child the tools he/she needs to stay on top of the work so he/she has more time to play!

Here is what you’ll find inside:

  • FAQs
  • Welcome
  • Ways to Prepare for the First Day of School
  • A Smooth Schoolday Morning Routine
  • List of Tips to Reduce Homework Stress
  • Afterschool Planner
  • Afterschool Routine
  • Back to School Planner
  • Book Report
  • Books Read
  • Books to Read
  • Carpool Schedule
  • Carpool Signup
  • Checklist Before School
  • Circle Time Planner
  • Class Lesson Plan
  • Class Schedule
  • Classmates
  • College Application Record
  • College Choices
  • College Costs Comparison
  • College Visit Journal
  • Daytime Routine
  • End of School Timeline
  • Evening Routine
  • Home Education Assignment Sheet
  • Home Education Book Inventory
  • Home Education Curricula & Resources
  • Home Education Field Trip Log
  • Home Education Field Trip Worksheet
  • Home Education Goals by Subject
  • Home Education Grade & Attendance
  • Home Education Lesson Planner
  • Home Education Monthly Units
  • Home Education Multi-Student Planner
  • Home Education Plan
  • Home Education Portfolio Contents
  • Home Education Project Organization
  • Home Education Resource Tracker
  • Home Education Resources
  • Home Education Schedule
  • Home Education Supply Inventory
  • Home Education Unit Plan
  • Homework Schedule
  • Homework Weekly
  • Morning Routine
  • Off to College Needs Desk Basics
  • Off to College Needs Personal Basics
  • Off to College Needs Room Basics
  • Our Home Education Day
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Reading List
  • School Comparison
  • School Information
  • School Lunch Planner
  • School Supply Shopping List
  • Spring Break Plan
  • Summer Camp Checklist
  • Summer Camp Comparison
  • Summer Camp Friends
  • Summer Camp Questionnaire
  • Summer Camp Schedule
  • Summer Planner
  • Team Roster
  • Volunteer Schedule
  • Weekend Routine

Student ePlanner is a PDF download-able product that includes the pages you and your child need to take control of the home work schedules and extracurricular activities that keep a family so busy today.

All of this for just the one-time price of $8!

Price: $8.00
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