Back to School Morning Routine Hacks

One of the things that I enjoy the most about summer is the lazy morning. But in a few weeks that will all come to an end. Soon the morning rush will return where we are trying to find backpacks and matching socks. Who has time to deal with that, and even more, who wants that kind of stress to start their day?

If you haven’t experienced the shouting: “I can’t find my other shoe. Where is my jacket?” – consider yourself lucky! Most families have had to deal with this kind of a morning, sometimes every morning. Try some of these back to school morning routine hacks to help minimize stress!

Back to School Morning Routine Hacks

Take showers and baths the night before.  By bathing and showering at night, your kids will have extra time to sleep and more time to get out the door!

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Create a Back to School Morning Routine checklist. You know we love checklists so go ahead and make one for your morning routine!

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Organize school clothes ahead of time.

Try one week or even one day ahead. Hang pants and shirts together. Clip socks onto the hangers. Always put shoes and jackets away in the same place. Label them for the week so kids know what they are wearing each day!

Lay out clothes the night before. Get your kids involved and have them pick out their clothes for the next day.Have them decide what to wear and then have a special place that the clothes are placed, such as the top of the dresser or end of the bed. Most importantly, make sure they have shoes and socks to go with the outfit!

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Build a set of lockers. If finding backpacks and lunch boxes is an everyday problem, there’s an easy solution: lockers! A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Transition to Earlier Bedtimes/Wake-times Gradually. If you are lucky to have kids that slept in all summer, they are going to have to get used to waking up early again. But having more time to get ready can help when something is lost. Keep the television off until everything is done, and the morning will be much calmer.

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Keep them moving in the bathroom. Help your children get the morning routine down pat with a bathroom caddy.

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Have a Lunch-Packing Station. My son has a thing for hot lunches so I don’t have the luxury of packing his lunch the night before. By having a lunch-packing station, like the he can help out why I warm up his lunch!

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