list of things to do to prepare for guests

Summertime in Maine means beautiful weather, days at the beach, festivals galore, and lots of guests. I love having friends and family come and visit, but there are many things to be done before I feel comfortable letting them sleep in our beds and brush their teeth at our sinks.

  1. Prepare menu of all meals.  Be sure to include plenty of sandwich material for picnics!
  2. Create grocery list from menu. Shop 1-2 days before guests arrive.
  3. Give house a general cleaning.
  4. Clean guest bathroom well.
  5. Launder guest linens (towels and sheets).
  6. Clean out refrigerator. Wipe down well.
  7. Dust guest bedroom.
  8. Vacuum guest bedroom.
  9. Gather some reading materials for the bedside.
  10. Prepare itinerary of activities and places to see.

Are you having guests at your house this summer?

Jennifer Tankersley:

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  • oohhhh thanks for this. I have an overwelming number of weekends booked with guests...and this list will be so handy!

  • The weather here IS beautiful! I left torrential rains behind in Southeastern CT. We will be hitting the beaches in a few minutes!