list of necessary gardening supplies and tools for your spring garden

A garden gives life to a home, both in beauty and sustenance. Growing a garden is a great way to save money at the grocery store, get some good exercise, and add color and dimension to your outdoor home. However, gardening isn’t as simple as putting the plants into the soil.  There are basic necessities you will need in building your most promising garden, whether it be small or large.

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list of necessary gardening supplies and tools for your spring garden |

  • Protection
    The process of gardening involves using sharp tools and coming in contact with rough surfaces.  It is important that you protect yourself from harm before even getting started.
    Gardening Gloves
    • sunscreen
    Foam Kneeling Pad
  • Supplies
    There are items that every garden show have for proper care of plants.
    •  Weather-resistant Steel Watering Canfor watering delicate plants
    •  Hoses:  rubber hose with spray nozzle and/or soaker hose to run through a garden bed
    •  Hose Reel for controlling and storing hoses
    •  gardening apron, tool container or carrier
  • Hand Tools
    Sometimes, you just have to get up close and personal with the soil.
    •  A pair of pruning shearsmay be used for shaping, pruning, and removing branches.  It may also be used to open sacks.
    •  A Trowelfor digging to plant seeds or bulbs
    •  A Cultivatorfor loosening and aerating soil.
  • Large Tools
    Standing up allows you to use your weight as a powerful force in the garden.  Larger tools are more effective for tougher or larger garden tasks.
    • Classic Garden Rake
    • A Spade for digging and transplanting.
    • A good old-fashioned Pitchfork for scooping and removing stones from a rocky soil.
  • Transport Tools
    There will be plenty of times that you will need to transport soil, fertilizer, delicate plants, leaves, etc from one part of the garden to another.  It is a good idea to find a transport tool that works for you and your space.
    •  A Wheelbarrow
    • A Garden Cart

It is very important that you store these necessities in the right place. Putting the tools in a storage room will help you keep them in a good working condition. Cleaning the tools after use will prevent them from rusting.  What tools do you find to be irreplaceable to you in the garden?

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