list of lists from ListPlanIt in the 100 Days to Christmas 2012 eBook

Aug, 28 100 Days

100 Days to Christmas 2012 eBook contains 25 lists and planning pages from all for $5Not only does the 100 Days to Christmas 2012 eBook give a daily dose of holiday inspiration, but it also includes links to 25 lists from  The lists are all printable and downloadable, and most can be typed into and saved with your own information for the future.

You can get the eBook for FREE when you purchase any membership to (see here for more information).  You still have multiple ways to enter to win one of five PDF copies below.  Or you can just purchase the eBook with its 100 pages of reminders, tasks, or activities for the summertime and its 25 lists from ListPlanIt for just $5.

Here is the list of links to ListPlanIt‘s lists in the 100 Days to Christmas 2012 eBook.

  • September, October, November, December Calendars
  • Wish List
  • Holiday Budget Planner
  • Gift List B
  • Handmade Gifts Planner
  • Fall Labels
  • Holiday Card Planner
  • Cards to Send
  • Costume Planner
  • Party Details
  • Holiday Craft Planner
  • Holiday Online Shopping Planner & Tracker
  • Halloween Planner
  • Advent Activity Planner
  • Holiday Party Planner
  • Thanksgiving Menu Planner
  • Thanksgiving Grocery List
  • Christmas Mailing Lables
  • Holiday Cookie/Candy Planner
  • Christmas Preparation
  • Christmas Menu Planner
  • Week of Christmas

Want to win a copy for yourself?  Here are several ways you can enter.  One of each of these per day please. You have until Friday, August 31 to enter.

1) leave a comment below and tell us your favorite part of the holiday season,

2) tell your friends & followers about 100 Days to Christmas on Twitter (it’s easy to do with our share buttons below) and leave a comment here linking to your Twitter handle (be sure to follow @ListPlanIt on Twitter, too),

3) pin this page to one of your Pinterest boards and then leave a comment here linking to your pin (follow us on Pinterest for lots of holiday inspiration),

4) blog about 100 Days to Christmas, then leave a comment here linking to your post.

5) follow our page on Facebook and tell our entire community that you are going to participate by leaving the following message on our Facebook wall, “I’m joining in at!  I’m planning early for a fun &  meaningful holiday season.”.

18 responses to “list of lists from ListPlanIt in the 100 Days to Christmas 2012 eBook”

  1. Andrea says:

     I love the gathering of friends and family, the good cheer of strangers in the store, and the wonderful smells that come from the kitchen!

  2. Chasity_lambert says:

    My favorite part of christmas is making new memories with my children. They are still young enough(5,2,7mths) that we are able to celebrate the magic of christmas by visiting santa with their wants, dropping a letter off at Macys, riding the polar express and choosing an angel from a department store tree.

  3. Marjorie Tripp says:

    I love everything about the holiday season:  decorations, crisp weather, planning special meals, and spending time with family.

  4. Kate says:

    I tweeted about 100 Day to Christmas a couple days ago… @farmhouse_love:twitter 

  5. Kate says:

    My favourite part of the holidays is Thanksgiving! I’ve taken it over for my family, so it’s my opportunity to have all the family around and I really like to make a big deal out of it. I was so proud to cook my first turkey 2 years ago!

  6. Kennyjanebooks says:

    I love the thought that goes in to Christmas…getting it organized and keeping it there…but Uniat favorite is pulling out the ornaments and remembering where they came from

  7. Kristina says:

    Today I posted a message on twitter, and followed your page… my handle is @Dockris:twitter 

  8. Amber Wiggins says:

    I pinned this post to my Christmas board (  Can’t wait for the countdown to begin!

  9. Amber Wiggins says:

    My favorite part of the holiday season is making special memories with my boys.  One of our favorite things is to bake special holiday treats and decorate cookies together.

  10. Steven Boggio says:

    I would love to win!! I am new to worrying about Christmas, and am sooo in over my head trying to keep everything perfect!!! 

    • New to worrying?  I suggest just doing what you did before you began to feel the need to worry.  What has changed this year?  Marriage?  Kids?  Job status?  We’re glad to have you here.  I think you’ll find it a comfortable environment to plan ahead for Christmas.

  11. Lynn Ingram says:

    My favorite part of the holidays (in addition to spending time with family) is the FOOD! Swedish Potato Sausage, Pepparkarkar (Swedish Gingerbread), and the list goes on and on! YUMMY!!


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