Creating a List at the new

Even if you have been a member of ListPlanIt for several years, you may be wondering how best to take advantage of the new mobile features available to members at  Here is a set of photo instructions to get you started, plus a video tour of the process at the bottom.

Browse for Lists |

1. Browse for the list you need (see Browse for Lists to find out how).


Creating a List at the new

2. Once you find a list you want, view the list first.


Create a list at the New

3. If you like what you see, then add the list to My Lists by clicking the Add List button.


Creating a list at the new

4. Once you’ve added the list to My Lists, you can Edit the list to suit your needs.


Creating a checklist a the new

5. You can change the Title, Description, text, and even add or delete lines.


Creating a list at the new

6. Customize the list and then save it. Now the list is saved in your ListPlanIt account until you decide to delete it.


This video tour will show you how easy it is to save a list to your My Lists, edit the list to suit your needs, and then access the list from any computer or device.

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