Editing + Creating Multiples of your Favorite Lists

No list is one-size-fits-all. That’s the beauty of ListPlanIt’s new mobile feature. You can take one of our lists and make it your own. You can edit the title, description, change the content, and add and delete rows. Then you can save it to My Lists. You can access that list again and again, from any device, anywhere, anytime! For example, today I created a Friday Cleaning Checklist.

Editing a List + Creating Multiples | ListPlanIt.com
Then I decide that I would like to keep that list as a record of my tasks on a typical Friday, but I’d like to create a list for next Friday as well. It is easy to have 2 or more of the same lists. All you have to do is browse for the list you want a multiple of and add the list to My Lists again. Now return to My Lists and you should find that you have multiple versions of the same list.

Friday Cleaning Checklist #2
You can alter both by date, by task, by family member, or however you’d like to do it. Here is a video tour that will demonstrate how to do it.

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