Get your Home Organized for Fall

It seems as though just yesterday it was time to “spring ahead” and soon it will be time to “fall back”. In fact, tomorrow is the first official day of fall.  Now that school is back in session and you’ve adjusted to the fall routine, it’s time to catch up on organizing your home. . .both inside and outside.

Get your Home Organized for Fall |


  • Sort through spring and summer clothing.
    As you sort, if there are items you can no longer wear, place them into a separate pile. When you’re done sorting, wash them and box them up and take them to your favorite charity. This helps keep your closet clutter free. If you come across items that clearly cannot be worn by you or anyone else, discard them. Wash the items that need to be stored and pack them in storage containers or move them to another closet for the winter.
  • Pull out your fall and winter items.
    As you put them away, organize your closet in the process.
  • Change the bedding to get ready for the cool months ahead.
    Wash and store the light weight bedding and pull out the heavy linens.
  • Pull out the humidifier
    You may need to help put moisture back into the dry environment during these colder months. Adding moisture to the air can make your space more comfortable and even feel warmer.
  • Change the direction of your ceiling fans to move clockwise.
    Doing so creates an upward draft that actually redistributes the warm air hovering near the ceiling throughout the room so that your home is heated more efficiently.
  • Clean radiators and vents before the cold weather gets here.
  • Replace your furnace filter.
    Have the furnace inspected.
  • Put up storm doors and windows. 
  • Have fireplace cleaned.


  • Prepare your gardens.
    Pull up dead annuals and compost what you remove. Cut back the perennials for the next season. Plant spring bulbs.
  • Prepare your lawn.
    Get your leaf blowers and rakes ready to roll before the leaves start to come down. Once they do begin to fall, keep your lawn healthy by raking regularly and use the leaves for your compost pile.
  •  Clean your gutters.
  • Service your lawn mower and tools.
  • Stock up on and stack firewood.

Don’t wait! Set the time in your calendar to do your fall organizing, commit to it, and carry it out.

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