list of chores for a preschooler

Even when children are young, a certain amount of responsibility gives children a sense of place in a family. Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn what it means to contribute to the success of a family. Though scrubbing toilets may not be an appropriate task for a 3-year-old, there are several chores a preschooler can accomplish with some supervision.  Below is a suggested list of chores for preschoolers.

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list of chores for a preschooler |

  • Help set/clear the table
  • Feed pets
  • Dust
  • Clean low windows
  • Help prepare meals (add ingredients, stir)
  • Make/help make her bed
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper
  • Help to clean room
  • Carry in light groceries
  • Put away his clean clothes

2 responses to “list of chores for a preschooler”

  1. ModernMommy says:

    Just today my daughter handed me the clean dishes from the dish washer as I put them away. It was so cute, she was so proud of herself!

  2. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says:

    Even at 18 months, I have my daughter “help” us put her toys away at the end of the day, and at least for now she enjoys it. She also loves to use the dust buster, and does a pretty good job if I’m showing her what needs vacuumed. (then I let her play with it until the battery runs down, she is endlessly entertained by turning it on and off!)

    Great ideas!


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