list of fun back-to-school lunch ideas

At our house, going back to school means the return of packed lunches. Packing an interesting and healthy lunch can brighten your child’s day as well as fuel them up for the remainder of it. Here are some fun ideas.

list of fun back-to-school lunch ideas |

  • Let your kid select a lunchbox that best expresses his or her personality
    • Or at least let them pick their thermos or cold pack
  • Pack lunch together
    • This way your child really has a role in preparing a healthful meal.
    • We also do a lot of shopping for lunch items together.
  • Put away the sandwich bread
    • Change things up with a low-fat, whole-wheat tortilla, pita pocket, bagels or rice cakes.
  • Switch up the condiments
    • Instead of light mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup, add a healthy kick to any sandwich by using fresh salsa, pesto, or vinaigrette.
  • Make fruit fun
    • Skewer fresh fruit on Popsicle sticks and let kids help.
    • Create shapes or faces out of fruit.
  • Send along your child’s favorite condiment or dip for fruit, crackers, or veggies
    • low-fat dressing, applesauce, peanut butter, etc.
  • Take advantage of prepackaged healthful products
    • including trail mixes (with dried fruit, nuts, and cereal), smoothies, and yogurts
  • Don’t forget the drink
    • low-fat milk with chocolate syrup, 100 percent fruit juices, and even bottled waters
  • Include a note on a napkin or a funny comic strip from the morning paper
    • A simple ‘Good luck on your test’ or ‘Thinking of you’ goes a long way.

What are your fun back-to-school lunch ideas?


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  1. […] So now that you know where everything is, you’re still faced with the issue of how to change it up so that lunch doesn’t get boring. Here’s a great checklist with 9 fun lunch ideas, from fruit skewers to creative and yummy condiments. I especially like tip #9 about packing a little note with lunch some days. If you need some ideas, check out the “Lunch Box Love Notes” we have available on our Coupon Network Facebook page. (List Planit) […]


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