list of helpful stocking stuffer ideas

For many families, stockings on Christmas morning are as much a part of the holiday tradition as gifts and a Christmas tree. Children dream of getting up and seeing those stockings bulging with toys and sweets. However, I usually forget about stockings until I end up running out to a store during the final days before Christmas to search madly for the overpriced junk that I end up buying. Be sure to include some of these items on your gift list and finish off your stocking stuffers early this year.

list of helpful stocking stuffer ideas |

  • An orange – traditionally occupies the toe
  • Treats – candy canes or Andes mints
  • Nuts – bag of shelled walnuts or pecans
  • Toys – small and unwrapped
  • Socks – colorful and rolled up
  • Personal ornament – unique to the owner of the stocking (e.g. soccer ornament for a budding soccer player)
  • Coins – even children love shiny coins
  • Personal care items – chapstick, fancy toothbrush, hair accessories
  • Stickers/Tattoos
  • Tea bags or hot cocoa mix

What items do you remember finding in your stocking as a child? What are your favorite items to include in a stocking now?

24 responses to “list of helpful stocking stuffer ideas”

  1. Growing up, we didn’t do stockings as it wasn’t a tradition in our culture, but since marrying a Scot and living in the UK, I’ve succumbed ;-) My husband is a fantastic amateur cook so I give him things like mini graters, Jamie Oliver marinades/rubs in sachets, vouchers for his fave cook’s shops/grocers..He is a huge white choc fan so his coins are usually white choc versions. A Toblerone poking out the top has always been something we’ve done too. No oranges, as we are all a bit citrus intolerant. A Pink Lady apple substitutes. My little daughters get assorted sweets/chocolate things, special pens/glitter crayons, mini toys (both mad about bouncy balls), bath stuff. This year, smallest daughter is very into her sister’s hand me down Sylvanian Family stuff, so I’ll prob include a pack of the tiny baby animals. I do love stocking fillers!!

  2. Barbara Anne says:

    Silly putty was my favourite!  Loved it.  Always got an orange, an apple, nuts and a candy cane.  No more little kids at home – so last year I went to the hardware store and bought mini tools for the stockings – all in one gadget with screwdrivers etc., pocket knife, tire gauge, work gloves.  Lotto tickets for Mom.  My husband is a cigar lover, so that is easy.  Martini olives & picks.  Car wash coupon.  Filling stockings is sometimes harder than buying the gifts!

  3. Sharing Ink says:

    I think Stocking are difficult -we have four boys -three teenagers and a 26 year old -so I am open to any suggestions-socks, cool boxers, batteries, starbucks card, I-tune card , subway card, one chocolate bar, cologne  , movie tickets, any other ideas   When they were younger they loved the bath crayons and “shaving cream” soap.

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  5. deana says:

    I always got batteries in my stocking too for my camera or new electronic gadget. :)

  6. Great site and thanx for the post

  7. I love all kinds of tattoos! These are some of my favorites. Thanx

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  11. Denise says:

    I always buy those chocolate oranges instead of a real orange – every member of the family has a different flavor favorite. Dear daughter loves the choc-raspberry, her father likes the choc-mint and I like the choc-orange. Other than that, its a movie, toothbrush, lotion, nail polish for DD. I found little individual pkgs of hummus and crackers at World Market last year. I’m going shopping today, and will start to look for stocking stuffers! Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Leslie Harris says:

    I always got underwear in my stocking – something funky and colorful. My boys always get a pair of socks, and a toothbrush (usually a cool spinbrush) and toothpaste, plus other assorted goodies like Matchbox cars, Thomas trains, etc. And there have to be little chocolate coins!

  13. Jenni says:

    A can of black olives

    A special fruit (Ugli, Star, Pomegranate, Avacado)

    A squirt gun

    Fishing lures

    Bottle of car cleaner



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  15. Richelle says:

    We would always get a mini box of “sugar” cereal, since we didn’t get those too often, and an orange, some candy, usually a little thing of lotion and some chapstick. Underwear and socks sometimes, and usually some sort of fun thing different for each child.

  16. Cindy says:

    What a great list! We would get those invisible ink booklets…remember those? My favorite was always Mr. Mystery. Now we give our children candy, little toys, usually a small stuffed animal or plastic dinosaur (they’re boys!). Stockings are fun…I think I like picking out the stocking stuffers more than buying the other presents.

  17. boliyou says:

    Santa always provided a healthy breakfast in stockings…juice box, piece of fruit (everyone got their favorite) and box of cold cereal in our stockings. There were also candy coins, a candy cane, small toys and treats, new toothbrush and toothpaste. As we got older, we’d find our favorite shampoo, conditioner, antiperspirant, etc. And there were usually a couple of things that were unique to each stocking, too.

  18. (fairy) Godmother says:

    what happened to underwear? For the kids SILLIES! (Unless you want an adult stocking for a more private moment!) We always stuff new undies into the kids stockings. They love them!

    Another thing we put in them every year are those Brain Quest flash cards.

  19. LazyCrazyMama says:

    Cool list! I love the stockings most of all :)
    My mom always put in a “book” of lifesavers – that was always my favorite.

  20. Sarah says:

    We always got pens and pencils too. When we got a bit older we would get crossword puzzles and word searches to go with them.

  21. Expat Mom says:

    When I was growing up, my mom always put breakfast in our stockings . . . an orange in the toe, a pastry just above that and then things to do. Usually we got stuff like a little book, fancy pens or pencils, lip chap in Christmas flavors, fancy erasers and little maze books. When we got older, we had movies in there so we could watch them and not bug my parents while they were sleeping.

    My husband thinks I`m insane for buying stocking stuffers already, but I have started! Everything is just so expensive near Christmas and you never can find what you want, so it`s just easier to pick stuff up when you find it. Not to mention, it spreads the spending out a bit.

  22. theresa says:

    We always include their favorite grocery item … a jar of dill pickles, a can of mushrooms, a box of stuffing … LOL!! Really! :o)

  23. Laura says:

    My mom always put little lip glosses (usually sparkly or fruit flavored) nail polish, earrings, candy, little bottles of bubble bath, a new toothbrush, etc..
    barretts and bows, etc.

    My brother-in-law (my sisters husband) Santa always put breakfast items small box of cereal- orange, juice box… so if the kids woke up early – they could eat breakfast.

    MY sister said, “yeah- santa did that for us too- just our breakfast was pez candy and candy bars.” :0)


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