list of holiday memories to collect and record

The holiday season is behind us, and while you may be ready to start putting your next foot forward, it is important to hold 0n to the precious memories of past experiences.  It only takes a little time to record the way Grandma’s laugh filled the kitchen as stories were recounted or how little Ann’s face lit up when she got her first Barbie doll.  Now is the time to recapture those moments before they are lost.  Here is a list of holiday memories to collect and record before it is too late.

list of holiday memories to collect and record |

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Holiday Memories
Most holidays have similar ways of celebrating: family, food, and fun.

  • Favorite traditions
  • New traditions
  • New ornaments &/or decorations
  • Holiday foods we loved
  • Holiday movies we enjoyed
  • Favorite holiday music
  • Cookies/Candies made

Christmas Memories
More specifically, Christmas memories may contain some of the following.

  • Visits to Santa Claus
  • Special meals
  • Family visits
  • Special Services
  • Parties thrown or attended
  • Meaningful moments

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