list of non-candy items that fit in a plastic easter egg

If the idea of your child getting way too much sugar on Easter morning makes your teeth ache, here are some alternatives when it comes time to filling their Easter eggs.

list of non-candy items that fit in a plastic easter egg |

    • Stickers
    • Temporary Tattoos
    • Raisins or Craisins
    • Coins (for older children)
    • Bouncy balls
    • Tubes of flavored lip balm
    • Band-Aids (my kids treat these like gold)
    • Matchbox Cars
    • Polly Pocket Clothes
    • Batteries (It may sound odd, but in my family when batteries run out in toys, we often don’t replace them too quickly.  They love it when they get batteries and can re-activate their swirling, lighted toys – you know, the one that Grandma & Grandpa bought at the circus!)
    • Little Pet Shop Characters
    • Erasers
    • Puzzle Pieces (then go finish the puzzle as a family)
    • Legos or K’Nex
    • Goldfish Crackers
    • Cereal
    • Play Jewelry
    • Hairclips
    • Sponge capsules that grow in the bath
    • Silly Bandz
    • Teddy Grahams

What non-candy items do you use to fill your family’s Easter eggs?  Members to ListPlanIt will find the lists they need in Holidays & Occasions to plan for a special Easter.  Not yet a member?  Join today for just $5 and get organize for Easter and all other upcoming occasions.

One response to “list of non-candy items that fit in a plastic easter egg”

  1. Larger scale eggs fit match box cars. When my son was in preschool I even found some pre-filled with play-doh!


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