list of patriotic ways to celebrate july 4th

For all of our non-American readers, you will have to forgive our very American post today.  The Fourth of July is a holiday where we can show off our bold flag colors.  We can shake our mini-flags (probably made in China) at friends and passersby.   And, we get the opportunity to tell our children about the daring, brave, adventurous, and bloody (you might want to save this part for when they are a little older) origins of our young, but solid nation.  Here are a few ways you and your family can experience the true Spirit of the Birth of the United States.

list of patriotic ways to celebrate july 4th |

  • Fireworks – Yes, I know fireworks originated in China, but most Americans will tell you that fireworks is ingrained into the fabric of memories of Fourth of July.  Whether setting off your own fireworks in the driveway or heading to a spot with the best view of the beautiful display, fireworks seem to say 4th of July.
  • Parades – Parades are my family’s favorite tradition.  We head every year to a nearby town that puts on the best small town 4th of July parade anywhere!  We love the antique cars, the union soldiers, the high school bands, and the pride we feel sitting outside of the Town Hall building that houses a bell made by Paul Revere himself.
  • Barbeques/Picnics – Nothing says American food culture like a thick, grilled cheeseburger or a hot dog in a bun.  We like to create a menu of local/seasonal Maine foods such as lobster rolls, baked beans, whoopie pies for dessert, and Moxie to wash it all down (I don’t actually drink this stuff).  Whatever you eat on this day, my only recommendation is that it is outside.
  • John Adams HBO Miniseries – We just finished watching this series produced by HBO and it is an excellent way to get a feel for the sacrifices our early citizens/founders made to our country.  They were a strong bunch of people who gave everything they had to the creation of our nation.  John Adams perfectly spans those years leading up to our Declaration of Independence and those following independence.
  • Family & Friends – Pride in your community starts with gathering together with those that mean the most to you and celebrating our freedom to do so.

What is a part of your family’s celebration of Independence Day?  What are some of your favorite memories?


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