list of rules i live by for gift-giving

Gift-buying and gift-giving should be happy experiences. They should fill you with a sense of goodwill. Usually, however, shopping for gifts fills me with a sense of dread about staying in budget and finding the “perfect” gift. Here are a few of my rules when it comes to finding presents for people.

list of rules i live by for gift-giving |

  • Set a budget and stick to it. I keep a list of generic dollar amounts that I plan to spend on various recipients. For example: $10 on the children’s friend’s birthday gifts, $100 on my children’s Christmas gifts, etc.
  • Keep a list. I know you are probably really surprised by this one (wink, wink), but a list is one of the best tools ever invented for helping to keep one on track and not overspend. It also provides guidance and goals.
  • Don’t procrastinate. I get so stressed out when I wait until the last minute to find a gift for someone. I usually end up spending more money than I would have normally as well.
  • Stockpile a little. This year, times are tough, but when I got out all of the presents I had bought for my family over the past year, I realized I had everything I needed. I always buy toys on sale to give throughout the year for my children’s friends birthdays.
  • Don’t try to impress. Sure, you want the recipient to be happy with the gift, but to worry about what the other people at the party might think of your gift is going a little too far. Your gift should be a token of your love and friendship, not a symbol of how awesome you are.

What helps to keep you real when buying and giving gifts? What rules mean the most to you?

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6 responses to “list of rules i live by for gift-giving”

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  2. Shop-from-Home-Day | 100 Days to Christmas says:

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  3. Brethart77 says:

    My rule: Never get anything that is asked for. I’ve done it in the past and always felt a letdown becuase there was little to no surprise.

  4. Pink & Green Mama says:

    Great list. I’m making most of our gifts this year. I’m actually having a lot more fun with the homemade christmas and am so much less stressed out than past years with the debt ridden store bought christmases. This has been much more budget friendly for us!

  5. Cathy says:

    I know the perfect gift, The Friendship Stone! It is the gift that says so much, thru it simplicity.
    It empowers the receiver to remember the important and importance of the people in their life, and that there is ALWAYS something positive in every situation!
    I just love it. Check it out,

  6. michelle says:

    great reminders!


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