list of ways to use your ListPlanIt membership to prepare for Easter

As a member of, you have resources for just about every planning event you face, including the fast-approaching Easter and Passover holidays. Whether it is a child’s birthday, a home project, a graduation, or a summer vacation, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is login to your ListPlanIt account, find the lists you need through our 15 difference categories, and print or download away! It’s that simple. ListPlanIt’s page offer you the guidance you need to remember the necessities and lay out the steps. Even if you haven’t done any planning so far, you can still be ready to host a meal at home, organize a family gathering, and plan out your week in order to accomplish what needs to be done.

Members to ListPlanIt will find the lists they need in Holidays & Occasions to plan for a special Easter.  Not yet a member?  Join today for just $5 and get organized for Easter and all other upcoming occasions.


list of ways to use your ListPlanIt membership to prepare for Easter |


  • To Do Lists – Find daily and weekly to do lists in Time Management to help you with advanced planning.  Make the most of this week so that you don’t experience more stress by waiting until the last minute.
  • Spring Cleaning – Whether you are celebrating the spring holiday with your immediate family or with extended family and friends, you will likely enjoy having your home in the best shape possible.  Print out ListPlanIt‘s thorough Spring Cleaning List in Home Management and find the areas that would be most beneficial to your home and time constraints.
  • Holiday Meal Planning – Planning for a holiday meal takes some early consideration.  If you wait too late to purchase your ingredients, then you risk not being able to find it in the stores.  Many stores are closed on Easter Sunday, so it is crucial to have everything you need before Sunday arrives.  The first step is to plan your menu.  What will you serves as the Main Dish?  What sides will you have?  What will you serve to drink?  Most importantly, what would your guests especially enjoy for dessert?   What will you ask guests to bring (if anything)?  The second step is to add every ingredient that you don’t already have on hand to your grocery list so that you don’t forget anything.  You will find  holiday meal planning pages in Holidays & Occasions and grocery lists and a potluck planner in Meal Planning.
  • Easter Activities/Events – You may want to create a guest list to keep track of everyone coming to celebrate Easter with you.  You may find a timeline of the day will help you prepare early and stay on top of everything you need to do.   Planning to attend an Easter Egg Hunt or some other fun Easter activity?  Maybe you have been thinking of having one at your house.   ListPlanIt‘s Holidays & Occasions is a great place to find event and party planning pages to help you prepare.
  • Easter Memories – Be sure to jot down the fun you had, the special events, the meaningful words said, and anything else you’d like to remember about this Easter.  If you don’t take the time to record life as it happens, you will not remember.  Memories make life rich.  Use ListPlanIt‘s Easter Memories journal page in Memory Journal.

How have you used lists to help you plan for the upcoming holiday?  Find all kinds of inspiration at ListPlanIt‘s Easter Board on Pinterest.


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