30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition 2015

Nov, 10 100 Days

30 Days to Christmas 2015 eBook

30 Days to Christmas 2015 eBook

Now Available!


Whether you work better under a little time pressure or you take one holiday at a time or you just can’t seem to work ahead, 30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition is right for you! Get ready for Christmas in just 30 days with this step-by-step guide.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • daily tasks, reminders, & activities for the crucial 30 days before Christmas,
  • daily checklists,
  • 15 lists and worksheets from ListPlanIt.com,
  • budgeting for Christmas,
  • holiday meal planning and preparation,
  • holiday party and event planning,
  • holiday details, such as cards, travel, gift wrap, stockings, and more!

Daily Checklist | 30 Days to Christmas
It is all you need to keep you on track this Christmas.  Download now for just $8 OR click here to find out how to share the eBook and get 50% off.

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eBook buyers will get a code for 25% off an annual membership to ListPlanIt.com!

Available ONLY through November 27 (Black Friday)!

For an excerpt of the first 8 pages, including the table of contents, instructions for using this eBook, and Day #1, see below.

30 Days to Christmas: Procrastinator’s Edition 2015

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