list of ways to spend less and save more at the grocery store

If you are one of the millions of Americans resolving to save money this year, then money spent on groceries is a great place to start. Yes, we all have to eat, and spending less on groceries does not have to mean eating less.  It is worth investing a little bit of time before setting […]

Jan, 17

list of websites that offer coupons or coupon codes

There are lots of websites that post coupon codes for just about anything you might need or want.  My girlfriend told me that every time she orders her photographs she first checks for any coupons online and usually gets free shipping or 25% off.  I did a little research and found these great websites.   I […]

Jun, 29

list of free local activities and things to do with your family

* This post has been contributed by Annie Young. Do you and your family have any plans this weekend? Want to get out of the house and do something different, but don’t want to break the bank doing it? There are tons of things a family can do locally that are fun and free (three […]

Feb, 24

list of ways to instill a generous nature in your children

As parents, we know how egocentric our children can be at times. Do you feel that when holidays and birthdays roll around, all your children talk about is getting presents? Does “I want this..” and “me, me, me” seem to be a too-often theme in your house? Generosity is a beautiful virtue and an important […]

Feb, 16

list of steps for creating a home or business finance binder

Setting up a finance control center in your home or office is a terrific strategy for staying on top of your family or business finances.  It should not be only a record of what is spent, but it should include your calculations for what will likely be spent in the coming year(s).  This binder or […]

Feb, 10

list of ways you can save when you pack a lunch

With another one of my children starting Kindergarten this year, the money I shell out packing lunches has once again increased. Packing lunches for three (yes, I still pack a lunch for my husband!) can really add up if I am not careful. Allowing myself to be lured by the ease of the prepackaged treats […]

Feb, 09

list of steps to inventorying charitable donations

As a family grows, so does their stuff.  Sometimes, it takes a concentrated effort to gather up the stuff that is unused or unloved and get rid of it.  There are several ways to unload these items, once collected:  dump (don’t forget to recycle when possible), friends & family, yard sale (“one man’s trash is […]

Oct, 18

list of steps to budgeting for the holidays

The holiday season is a meaningful time.  It possesses elements of a spiritual nature that can be as tangible as the wrapping paper and the pumpkin pie.  When friends and family surround one, the month of December gives the power to believe in the kind of magic that exists not just in gifts and delicacies, […]

Oct, 07

list of steps to a successful weekly planning retreat

Once I read about Lindsey’s weekly planning retreat at her blog Passionate Homemaking, I was inspired.  Moms never feel like they have enough time to review finances, plan meals, schedule to dos, or prepare for birthdays and holidays plus do or delegate all of the regular tasks that are required to run a home and […]

Oct, 05

list of september to-dos

Today is the first day of the new school year for my community and family. It is an exciting time filled with enthusiasm and change. Kids have met their new teachers and now it is time to begin settling in to a new routine. I still have a lot of the same catch-up projects that […]

Aug, 31

list of considerations when budgeting for your home

A home is more than just shelter from the elements.  It is more than just a place to lay our heads at night.  A home is a place where we love and laugh and create sustaining memories.  For most of us, our homes are also our biggest budget items.  There are many things to consider […]

Aug, 04

video: creating a travel budget worksheet

This video shows how easy it is to prepare for travel or a vacation with ListPlanIt‘s Travel Budget Worksheet. Members can find this page in Travel Planning to either download in a PDF format (as shown) or to create and manage their travel budget using ListPlanIt‘s mobile features.

May, 27

list of gift ideas for the graduate

Graduation invitations and announcements have begun to find their way to mailboxes and “Pomp & Circumstance” will be the theme song of the month.  Whether you know someone graduating from high school or college this year, a gift is a way to show your support for his or her strong ending and to contribute to […]

May, 10

list of steps to calculating a home office expense deduction

If you will show a profit this year in your business, then you can qualify for a home office deduction when figuring your taxes.  Many business owners have someone else doing their taxes for them, but if you are doing them yourself, then this Home Office Expense Worksheet will help you figure out how much […]

Feb, 11

list of common sayings about money

Money is a constant.  It is ever-present in our lives.  We work for it, save it, spend it, debate it, argue over it, bargain with it.  It is a powerful tool and an absolute necessity in today’s world.  You’ve heard them before.  You may have even used them on your spouse or children.  Clever sayings […]

Oct, 05

list of holiday budget reminders

Holidays of all kinds are truly special opportunities to try new foods, visit friends, show caring and kindness, and have some fun.  However, if you don’t plan ahead, or if you don’t take the time to budget your holiday spending first, they can be devastating to the bank account or credit card.  Setting up a […]

Sep, 21

list of ways to save money on your family vacation

Do not delude yourself, vacations cost a lot of money. Even a weekend away to Boston (and we live only 2 1/2 hours away) cost us just over $500 for our family of 5. It may not be possible to know exactly what a vacation will cost before you take it, but it is possible […]

Jun, 10

list of ways to afford summer fun

Summer is around the corner. For many of you, your children have already begun summer vacation. You may have already started planning a summer vacation or you may be just seeing how things go over the course of the summer. But one thing we are all thinking about is how we can make the most […]

May, 27

list of ways to save money with

The cost of  a membership to is as little as $5 per month for access to hundreds of lists and planning pages.  For an annual membership, the cost is even less over the year.  However, the investment for a tool or resource that can end up saving you much more in the long run is worth […]

Apr, 09

list of rules to live by in this economy

I grew up in a pretty frugal household. I have always tried to be frugal myself, but after last summer’s gas crunch, 5 months of unemployment, and an economy that delivers nothing but bad news, I have begun to cling to a few rules that help me know how to spend. Make do. Need some […]

Mar, 30

list of essentials for filing your taxes

Even if you live in a state of denial about taxes, you must at some point face up to the realization that taxes must be paid. To make it less painful, there are certain tax forms and expenses that you should use to help you prepare for filing. Look for a manila envelope or file […]

Jan, 26

list of occasions for which to give gifts

“It is better to give than to receive.” And there are plenty of opportunities to give throughout the year. While gift-giving is so much fun and brings enormous joy to both the giver and the receiver, gift-buying can be a stressful ordeal if you have not planned ahead. Here are some occasions in which you […]

Jan, 11

list of practices and habits to eliminate debt

Now that Christmas is over, many people are beginning to receive bank statements and credit card statements and wondering, “What happened?” Even some with the best of intentions just could not seem to reign in the “Spirit of Giving” during the joyous holiday season. It is a great thing to give, but it is an […]

Jan, 05

list of reasons why re-gifting is a good thing

Guest Blogger – Jessica Ryan 1. During these troubled economic times, re-gifting can save us money. Just because something is not to our taste doesn’t mean your neighbor Nellie won’t go gaga over it. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 2. Presents for birthday parties cost a fortune. Unless your kids are […]

Dec, 30

list of rules i live by for gift-giving

Gift-buying and gift-giving should be happy experiences. They should fill you with a sense of goodwill. Usually, however, shopping for gifts fills me with a sense of dread about staying in budget and finding the “perfect” gift. Here are a few of my rules when it comes to finding presents for people. Set a budget […]

Dec, 07


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