Welcome to the New ListPlanIt!

For months, I’ve been telling you about a new mobile-friendly version of ListPlanIt.com, and I am thrilled to announce it is now here!  You’ll still find the same downloads that you had access to before, but now, you can create and store lists in your ListPlanIt account and access from any device, anywhere. Getting started […]

Jan, 28

video: ListPlanIt + arc = Success!

For years, members have asked for good ways to organize and store ListPlanIt‘s lists and planning pages.  I have found another great option in a product from Staples.  It is an arc system notebook.  Here is a video showing some ways that you can use this brand of notebook with ListPlanIt pages. For more information […]

Oct, 11

list of steps to crafting an achievable checklist

Checklists are a crucial element to getting things done.  Whether you are creating a grocery list, planning a vacation, or completing daily tasks, composing a list beforehand will help to ensure your success.  With a little forethought and planning, you can utilize checklists in several areas of your life such as Financial Planning, Home Management, […]

Aug, 06

list of steps to creating a holiday hub binder

I’ve written about setting up a home management binder for all of the details that go into managing a home.  I’ve also written about the importance of maintaining a place to store and record information other seasons, such as the summertime and the new year.  Having a place to prepare for the busy holiday season can be […]

Aug, 01

list of ways to use your ListPlanIt membership to prepare for Easter

As a member of ListPlanIt.com, you have resources for just about every planning event you face, including the fast-approaching Easter and Passover holidays. Whether it is a child’s birthday, a home project, a graduation, or a summer vacation, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is login to your ListPlanIt account, find the […]

Apr, 02

video: using ListPlanIt’s spring cleaning list

ListPlanIt.com has everything you need to prepare your home for spring. Today we are focusing on ListPlanIt‘s Spring Cleaning List. I put together a quick video tutorial this morning on how to use this 5-page list. You’ll find plenty of tasks to do a thorough job of spring cleaning your home and many more pages […]

Mar, 14

list of ways to use ListPlanIt.com to prepare for spring

We’re not quite through February, but warm weather is fast approaching.  And with that weather comes certain events for which you may need to begin preparing now.  Using lists and checklists to help you accomplish the necessary tasks as early as possible is the key to stressless life events.  With hundreds of printable lists available […]

Feb, 27

list of new pages found in ListPlanIt’s 2012 trial

The new year brings about many updates and changes here at ListPlanIt.com.  All 700+ pages get tweaked and updated with the new year.  Then fields are created for each page so that you can type right into that new page.  It is a pretty exhausting exciting experience!  Once everything has been embedded, uploaded, and linked, […]

Jan, 04

list of ways a membership to ListPlanIt.com is helpful throughout the holidays

There is an enormous amount of planning that goes into the holiday season.  There are gifts to be purchased and wrapped, meals to be prepared, homes to be cleaned and decorated, crafts to be crafted, and memories to be made.  With everything going on during this beautiful season, it is hard to see the chaos […]

Dec, 22

list for planning and tracking your online purchases for the holidays

It’s Cyber Monday!  You may have stood in long lines on Friday to get some great Black Friday deals, and now you might be eagerly ready for some pretty fantastic online bargains today.  Making purchases online is different than bringing packages home from the store.  Sometimes it is easy to lose track of what you’ve […]

Nov, 27

listplanit.com update 10/26/2011

It has been quite some time since I’ve done a video. That is one of my goals in the following months. You should begin to see more tutorials and more updates about new things here at ListPlanIt.com. You will likely see me and you may also see the honored guest of this video (that is […]

Oct, 26

giveaway: 31 days to clean ebook by sarah mae

ListPlanIt.com is proud to sponsor Sarah Mae’s incredibly inspiring new eBook, 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way.  Sarah Mae, of Like a Warm Cup of Coffee blog, points out that there are different personality types and different ways to approach cleaning your home.  She offers encouragement without guilt.  It is […]

Apr, 13

list of steps to purchasing a new personalized binder to manage your lists

ListPlanIt.com is excited to announce the design of our new Zazzle store with customized Binders, T-Shirts, and Bags.  You can personalize your own binder and order it securely right at Zazzle. Then send us a message on our Facebook page and let us know which kind of binder you purchased.  We’ll email you a coupon […]

Mar, 21

send us your lists!

To celebrate ListPlanIt‘s recent updates and the New Year, we want to see your lists! Whether it is a list of resolutions, a grocery list, or a cleaning list, send it in. Whether you have made it yourself or have printed or downloaded a page from ListPlanit.com, send it in.*  This is your chance to […]

Jan, 04

list of ways listplanit.com is improved for 2011

ListPlanIt.com has undergone its yearly upgrade to the new year.  I am excited to report that there have been several changes and improvements made to both the website and its lists.  Tomorrow we will be announcing a new contest to get this year off to a great start.  Until then, check out all of the […]

Jan, 03

It’s a New Year!

As a Print Member, View pages you want & Print as often as you like. As a Download Member, Type into a page & Save to your computer. Organize the New Year with these pages: Resolution Map Resolution Planner Goals for this Year/your Life Exercise/Calorie Tracker Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners & To Do Lists Meal […]

Dec, 29

list of craft supplies for holiday decorating and gift-making

Handmade treasures are a great symbol of the spirit of Christmas:  they are best when shared with friends and family, they become a simple yet meaningful decoration for your holiday home, and they offer lots of time during assembly for refection on the season.  Making time for crafts with your spouse, your children, and your […]

Dec, 06

list of preparations when leaving children behind

My husband and I are preparing for a weekend getaway to Asheville, NC.  ListPlanIt is sponsoring the Type-A Mom Conference and during the day, I will be attending some of the wonderful sessions and meeting some lovely people.  My parents are willing volunteers to care for our 3 children while we are away.  While they […]

Sep, 22

list of pages to include in your holiday binder

* This post was originally published in June of 2008.  It has been modified and improved. The holidays are a beautiful time of year.  Preparing for the winter holidays can be a hectic and time-consuming task. To make the most of the festive season it helps to create your own holiday binder in which to […]

Sep, 20

list of birthday traditions to include in your celebrations

Tradition is a favorite concept of mine. I love finding meaning in ordinary events when I consider their traditions. Birthdays are a great time to incorporate the traditions of both families (his and hers) and even to establish new traditions for your particular family unit. Birthdays are the one day of the year that a […]

Jul, 26

list of steps to delivering a happy birthday to your child

Childhood is the foundation upon which all people build their lives. Each building block is created from experiences, both good and bad. Our job as parents is to give our children as many positive experiences as possible and the tools they need to carve out a happy and fulfilled life.  Birthday celebrations are a way […]

Jul, 15

list of tips for work at home parents in the summertime

For children, summer vacation is the pinnacle of their year.  Swimming, playing, sleeping in, and being at home are a few of the things that epitomize childhood summers.  For parents who work from home, notions of summer vacation are a little different.   Those who operate a service business may need to spend much of […]

Jun, 21

video: creating a travel budget worksheet

This video shows how easy it is to prepare for travel or a vacation with ListPlanIt‘s Travel Budget Worksheet. Members can find this page in Travel Planning to either download in a PDF format (as shown) or to create and manage their travel budget using ListPlanIt‘s mobile features.

May, 27

list of helpful products to prepare you for spring cleaning

Spring is here!  Along with spring comes more light.  More light means more noticeable dust on furniture and spots on windows.  It is time for Spring Cleaning!! The products that I list on ListPlanIt are environmentally-responsible. Many of the products you see in this list will have words like sustainable, bio-degradable, chemical-free, renewable and reusable […]

Mar, 23

video on how to create a home management binder

Have you created a Home Management Binder yet? Last week we talked about how to assemble your own binder.  Now check out an example of my binder in ListPlanIt’s very first video blog post! What do you think? Would you like to see more videos here on ListPlanIt‘s blog? Members to ListPlanIt will find the […]

Mar, 09


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