list of lists that come in handy in the month of June

June is more than halfway over.  School is out.  Summer officially begins tomorrow.  It feels like we’ve reached a point when we can finally kick back, relax more, and enjoy the great weather with friends and family.  However, it is simply the calm before the storm.  You may have exciting activities planned such as a […]

Jun, 19

list of delicious recipes for the grill

Once it is warm enough to stand outside at the grill, it is the season to cook food outdoors.  Whether you use a charcoal grill or a gas grill, you can prepare nearly everything outdoors over an open fire.  If you are stuck in a rut of burgers, then open your mind to the possibilities. […]

Apr, 17

list of food ideas for your super bowl party or get-together

Super Bowl XLVI (that’s #46) is just 5 days away and whether or not you have a team playing in the Super Bowl this year, you may find yourself hosting or being invited to a Super Bowl party with friends and/or family.  Maybe you just want to settle in with the family to enjoy the […]

Jan, 31

list of ways to organize your pantry or non-perishables

Whether or not you are following along in The Week Ahead, today is a good day to tackle your pantry or dry food storage areas.  Having lived in Europe, I understand that an actual pantry is much more common in North America.  However, every culture has a place to store dried grains, spices, canned or […]

Jan, 24

list of ways to spend less and save more at the grocery store

If you are one of the millions of Americans resolving to save money this year, then money spent on groceries is a great place to start. Yes, we all have to eat, and spending less on groceries does not have to mean eating less.  It is worth investing a little bit of time before setting […]

Jan, 17

list of ideas and recipes for one pot meals

January can be a hectic month. There seem to be more activities and less time to prepare family meals. A dish thrown into the slow cooker in the morning or a meal throw together into one pot for dinner is the simple and healthy way to go.  It only takes a few minutes to gather […]

Dec, 04

list of ingredients to include in your spice and baking inventory for the holidays

As we head into the holiday season, there are many ingredients that are good to have on hand.  Your first step is to go through the spices and baking supplies that you already have and begin to do a thorough examination of the quantity (how much is left in the jar) and the quality (what […]

Nov, 07

list of great soup recipes

Nothing is more comforting than a hot bowl of soup on a chilly evening. November is the time of the year to adopt a soup-state-of-mind.  Soup is a one-pot meal.  It’s quick and simple to prepare.  Many soup recipes can be easily converted for the crockpot.  Here are a few new recipes to add to […]

Nov, 03

list of halloween foods

Whether you are planning a Halloween party this year or just want to get your family into a festive mood, a spooky menu can be a lot of fun. Try out some of these creepy recipes and you will be sure to thrill your table guests! Mummy Dogs • Wrap hot dogs in crescent rolls […]

Oct, 26

list of delicious ways to use canned or fresh pumpkin in recipes

A dear friend of mine reminded me about Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte the other night (Signature espresso, pumpkin-flavored syrup and steamed milk- topped with sweetened whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices).  To me, pumpkin is the ultimate Fall flavor. It has inspired me to pour over my favorite pumpkin recipes and research new ones. While […]

Oct, 11

list of foods you can freeze for longer storage

Have you ever spent days and many hours planning everything you need to prepare for your vacation, and then open the refrigerator the morning you are to leave and “remember” that you forgot to empty it of perishables? Instead of throwing perishable items away or coming home to a fridge full of science experiments, here […]

Jul, 13

list of memorial day salads

Are you going to or hosting a Memorial Day party this year? How about some salad inspiration? They are easy to prepare, easy to serve, and can feed a crowd.  Here are some yummy new favorites. Antipasto Salad from Giada Delaurentiis Tomato Feta Pasta Salad from Ina Garten Potato Salad from Tyler Florence Emeril’s Favorite […]

May, 26

list of green foods to serve this saint patrick’s day

Saint Patrick’s Day has always been a festive day in our family. Elaborate construction of leprechaun traps, scavenger hunts, shamrock kisses and a menu of green-colored food! Last year I served only green-colored food all day and my kids talked about it fondly all year long. Here are a few ideas to add to your […]

Mar, 16

list of ways you can save when you pack a lunch

With another one of my children starting Kindergarten this year, the money I shell out packing lunches has once again increased. Packing lunches for three (yes, I still pack a lunch for my husband!) can really add up if I am not careful. Allowing myself to be lured by the ease of the prepackaged treats […]

Feb, 09

list of ingredients for building a gingerbread house

Gingerbread houses are a fun (and delicious) tradition that can be a great excuse to get your creative juices flowing, bring your family together, or host a house-building party. You don’t have to be an expert to build a house that you might be proud to display on your dining table or mantel. There are […]

Dec, 09

list of dishes to consider for your thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving is almost here, and if you are preparing a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends, then your menu should be nearly complete. If you have yet to take the time to consider, or if you are not sure you have all of your bases covered, here are some dishes for you to consider preparing […]

Nov, 10

list of benefits for cooking a whole chicken

A few years ago, I made the transition from buying chicken breasts only to buying the whole chicken instead.  I think I was daunted by the idea of cutting it up and disposing of the carcass.  Then I read a magazine article that demystified the prospect of cooking a whole chicken for me, and I […]

Oct, 20

list of steps to a successful weekly planning retreat

Once I read about Lindsey’s weekly planning retreat at her blog Passionate Homemaking, I was inspired.  Moms never feel like they have enough time to review finances, plan meals, schedule to dos, or prepare for birthdays and holidays plus do or delegate all of the regular tasks that are required to run a home and […]

Oct, 05

list of healthy and convenient ideas for a student’s lunch

While sandwiches have reigned superior on many a family’s lunch menu, you may find that a bit of variety is just what is needed to give your child an enthusiasm for nourishing his or her body.  School is hard work and kids need a chance to fuel up.  There are many convenient options for giving […]

Aug, 10

list of patriotic foods for the fourth of july

I love summer food.  I especially love it when it is cooked/prepared outdoors.  The Fourth of July is a great excuse to eat your old grilled favorites (hamburgers and hot dogs) or to try something new.  With summer gardens ready to harvest, a 4th of July cookout can mean lots of color on the table.  […]

Jun, 29

list of foods to have available for summer lunch options

Whether you are a stay-at-home/work-at-home parent or your child is old enough to be home alone in the summertime or he/she will be attending a day camp, stocking up on lunch items will now be a priority.  Lunch in my house tends to be quick, easy, and simple.  I try to have healthy options so […]

Jun, 02

list of foods to have available for healthy breakfast ideas

Breakfast has always been a difficult meal for me.  For one thing, I am usually not hungry until around 9:30 or 10 in the morning, but my children usually are.  While they are getting to the age that they can prepare themselves something to eat for breakfast, I want to have healthy options for them […]

Jun, 01

list of favorite cookout foods for memorial day

Summer means more of the outdoors, including food preparation and enjoyment.  Most Memorial Day plans involve a cookout of some kind.  It might be on an open fire or over a hot grill, but will likely include some traditional favorites.  To make this holiday cookout low-stress, start planning now.  Plan your menu and supplies on […]

May, 21

list of ways you can make a difference by buying local

Do you ever wish that you could take what you’ve learned and go back in time and try again? I have always considered myself to be socially responsible, but I’ve had so many revelations in the past few years. Wisdom truly does come with age and experience. I know that I still have so much […]

Apr, 15

list of advantages of hanging your grocery list on the refrigerator

A grocery list is an essential part of shopping.  Without one, you are only guessing at what you need, therefore, you are likely to buy a lot of things that you don’t need and spend a lot more money.  It may seem like too much work to find paper, create a menu plan, and go […]

Feb, 10


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